Art Contests

<p>Does anyone know of any art contests? I already know of Scholastic Art & Writing and of the PTA Reflections ones. :) </p>


<p>there are a fair number that are more local than scholastics. all the places at national portfolio day were telling me that big national contests like that dont hold any weight when they look at your applications or anything, so if you're just in it for doing contests bc they're fun, try some local ones. we have this one called the overture awards where we live and it gives out a nice scholarship--ask your art teacher or just keep your eye out. the most important thing to do if you're asking that question with college apps on your mind is to really push your portfolio to its maximum. take figure classes, experiment with everything, just be sure you have a really strong portfolio and colleges will really notice that.</p>

<p>A national competition with decent cash prizes is Arts Recognition Talent Search. (Google it.) If you make the finals you have to be willing to travel to Miami in January.</p>