Art education or history education?

<p>or just a plain art or history major? I am an artist, well I'm not Picasso or Da vinci, but I have talent. I love art and I think it's the greatest way of expressing oneself. I also love history. I like learning about the past to better the future and see how the world works and how us humans work within it. As of right now I am completely torn. I would love to double major, but it seems very difficult. Does it cost more? Is it even worth it? But what major, art or history, has better job opportunities and pay? I am looking for something I'd enjoy doing for the rest of my life, but the pay is important unfortunately. I am planning on going to IUP or KUP or even Elizabethtown, but IUP is my top.</p>

<p>Please help!</p>

<p>It will only cost more to double major if it takes you longer to complete your program due to the extra classes required. Some people can squeeze it in but you may need to pay more for the extra credits. I think you should double major if you like both or see if one has a minor. As far as the money question, you need to figure out what it is you want to do with your degree. Once you have the answer to that question, you can start researching average salaries and what the job outlook is.</p>

<p>I double majored (one in history) and took two summer classes after jr. year to graduate on time.</p>

<p>If you want to major in art and history, there's plenty of opportunities, depending on your interests. From Law school to graduate study in art or history, or art history, tons of different things can be done with either of these majors. (look around cc and the internent, you'll be surprised) </p>

<p>If you want to double major in art education and social studies education, I think that would be possible, too, and our school is always looking for those with double certification. </p>

<p>I know you said pay is important and teachers aren't always at the top of the pay scale, but summers, etc might leave you some time to do some creative art work on the side.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, schools are cutting art due to budgets and most schools only have one art teacher. So there aren't many art positions open.
And sadly for history, there are A LOT of history teachers looking for jobs. So both areas honestly don't have demand in the field of education.
So I would try both if possible, but understand that you probably won't get a teaching job right after graduation,depending on where you live.</p>