Art History or Psychology, Which Should I Study On My Own?

next year i am going to take AP European History & AP Human Geography for sure. i don’t have enough time in my schedule for AP Art History AND AP Psychology :(, so i have to pick one to self-study & one to take as an actual class.
obviously i would like to self-study the easiest one so i get a good grade on the test; which one do you guys think would be te hardest?</p>

btw at my school the pyschology teacher is apparently crazy & nobody likes him! i haven’t heard much about art history, but i heard it was hard :P</p>

Don’t take AP Human Geo as a class, most schools wont even grant credit for it, and it is an easy exam you can study for w/out the class. I read an hour 5 days a week on the bus for three months w/out ever taking notes/outlines/vocab and got a 5. Go w/ Psych.</p>

Don’t self study AP Art History. It will kill you! AP Psych is basically a vocab test, so either self study that, or self study human geo and take AP Psych instead. But definitely take APAH at a school</p>

ill self-study psychology :slight_smile:
my school hasn’t had enough people to take the human geo class for like the past 4 years. i think it’s because the teacher who teaches it is an idiot lol(i had her for a class before). if enough people don’t take the class, my school won’t offer the test & i don’t know of any other school that offers the test :P</p>

They can’t deny you a test if you self study. I self studied a test that my school doesn’t have, just talk to the AP Coordinator at your school, and they will most likely order you a test, and then (if your school is like mine) you just take it in a room with one of the test administrators</p>