Art Major-sending slides, does it really help?

<p>My daughter is applying to several LAC's in the northeast. She will be majoring in Art. The applications state that sending slides of her art work along with her application is optional. She will be sending slides, but my question is, who views them? Does admissions send them to the Art dept? How much can they really help her in the admission process?</p>

<p>It depends on the school, but usually they would be sent to the art dept., and if they are good, it can help a lot.</p>

<p>Welcome to College Confidential, crewmom. If she's applying as an art major, then (depending on the school), her slides could be a key part of her admissions process. In the same way that music and dance majors must audition, many schools expect art students to demonstrate their artistic skills and accomplishments. The slides would almost certainly be evaluated by the appropriate department.</p>

<p>Since the portfolio is optional, the impact of the submitted items may be somewhat less. An optional portfolio may still be reviewed by the department, and if the work is good could have a postive impact. Good luck to your daughter!</p>

<p>I have a related question. The LAC my daughter is interested in says that students with interest and ability in art may choose to send a portfolio. The website says that the artwork will be reviewed by the Art Dept. and if there is evidence of strong talent, they will convey this to admissions and this talent will be considered in evaluation of the student.
My daughter has a strong interest in art, has taken art lessons since age 8, and has taken art as an elective all through high school. She plans to pursue it in college, but as a secondary major or, more likely, a minor. She thinks her primary major will be International Studies and she will study Chinese as a beginner. She was not intending to submit a portfolio because she is very perfectionistic and knows what is required for a portfolio for applying to Art Schools (as opposed to art departments in a liberal arts school), but says she wouldnt submit anything less than that. She doesnt have the time for that level of effort (claims she would have had to start last year) and, I think, lacks confidence in how her art would be judged by a college professsor.
As I interpret the statements on the website, submitting an art portfolio could help a student, but it shouldnt be held against the student as a negative if they choose not to submit one, but state an interest in studying art. Also, the school welcomes non-majors and people with no art experience to take art classes (they have several introductory courses.)
My daughter's academics (GPA, class rank, number of AP classes taken, and SATs) are in the higher percentiles for the students attending the school (I would say around the 70th percentile or above for all of these measures) and she feels academics will be sufficient to get her in (along with a lot of other ECs, recommendations, etc of course)<br>
I tend to agree with her thought process, but I would welcome anyone else's opinion. Thanks.</p>

<p>I think it would be beneficial for her to submit a portfolio. It does not commit her to anything, but may help to move her application from the general pile into the "preferred" pile. I don't think it can in any way work against her. She could submit some of her old work, it does not need to be an Art School level portfolio.</p>

<p>DEFINITELY send a portfolio IF it is a good one! You might want to have her work evaluated in order to pick out the best pieces. Even if a school doesn't require a portfolio, sending in a good portfolio should help with admissions. Moreover, some schools will have scholarship money available to those that send in the top portfolios.</p>