Art Major to Dental School

I want to become a dentist, but I like art a lot too.
Recently, I find out that dental schools don’t need a specific undergrad major, so I plan to major in art and complete the prerequisite for dental school.

But it’s so hard to find good schools that have art degrees and science classes for the prerequisite…
I wonder if anyone majored in art and went to dental school. Anyone??
If so, what school did you go?

Does anyone have good college recommendations?

At the moment, I am thinking of NYU and UPenn; they are my reach schools.
I need alternate schools choices because of financial and academic issues…

Is it a good idea to attend two colleges?
Because most art colleges don’t offer the science courses that are needed in the prerequisite, I thought dual enrollment could help complete the prerequisites.
Like attend an Art college (main school), and then take prerequisite science classes in another college (part-time).
I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.

Any opinion please share! I’m currently a senior, and I’m going to apply for colleges by the end of the year. I regret not doing my research seriously…

Thank you for your time!

How much will your parents spend on college each year? Financial aid can only be gotten for one school at a time…

I don’t see any need to go to an art school. Many universities have fine art departments along with fine science courses for the prereqs.

Sorry, just saw this. Please PM me if you are still considering dental school.