Art Portfolio Prep Class


I was hoping to know if there are any studios or art schools that I can possibly go for an intensive portfolio prep class/ program (if possible during the summer)?

I wish to apply to (animation as major but would like to do undeclared if possible):

  1. RISD (Top choice)
  2. Ringling
  3. SAIC
  4. Massart
  5. SVA

Thank you so much!

My best advice is to look into pre-college programs at the schools. Ringling (My D went there) has a very intensive program where she developed a great majority of the pieces that went into her portfolio. They aren’t cheap but very valuable in portfolio building and learning if art school is truly what you want to pursue.

The schools you list vary widely in the direction and type of instruction you’ll receive. Delve into that before you make any final decisions.

My daughter attended summer programs for high-school students at SAIC, first summer focusing on 2-D, and second summer focusing on 3-D. These weren’t long (2-3 weeks) but they allowed her to create several pieces for her portfolio, as well as to improve her skills. She later earned her BFA from RISD. There were longer summer programs at many other art schools, so you may find one that’s close to your home.