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<p>So I just talked to my mom about doing an art portfolio for the art supplement of my college app. The reason why I'm doing it is to show my interest and maybe add it as a hook to getting in? Anyways, my mom disagrees because she thinks I don't have skill and it's for students who are truely interested in art and do it as an actual hobby. So should I add a portfolio to my college app?</p>

<p>How skilled are you exactly? Some schools asks that you send in an arts supplement if you've achieved considerable mastery and feel that you are truly outstanding in the discipline. However, that does not mean that it can't simply be a hobby, you just have to be really good at it.</p>

<p>You wont be able to develop a sufficient portfolio without a real passion for art. It won't be considered a hook unless you can supplement it with regional/national awards which attest to your talent. Practiced artists (most likely the ones who would be reviewing your body of work) can see right through a piece that lacks substance or narrative. Also, artists who are good enough to have their ability identified as a hook have spent YEARS honing their craft; I highly doubt you'll be able to duplicate that type of dedication and mastery in such a short amount of time, and just for college at that. I advise that you not do this; its in poor taste, IMHO, and this is coming from an "artist," so I am familiar with this process.</p>

<p>Yeah I completely agree with rence. I sent an art portfolio myself, but art is my passion and I talked about it in my essays, sent a recommendation from my art teacher, and had some provincial/ national awards. So unless you are passionate about art and are truly skilled, don't send a portfolio just because. And trust me, depending how many schools you are applying to, putting together portfolios is no small task.</p>

<p>If your are really interested in submitting an art portfolio, but unsure of your level of skill, your best bet is to do as much work as possible, and take it to several art teachers to look at. Also, go to national portfolio review day as quickly as possible. If you live in an area with colleges nearby, you can have your portfolio reviewed by their art dept, maybe.</p>

<p>If you are submitting an art portfolio, be aware that a typical portfolio hsa 15 - 20 completed works, which takes a substantial amount of time. If possible go to an art program over the summer, many of them focus on producing a portfolio. </p>

<p>We found that every school had different formatting requirments. Some want it hard copy, others want JPEGS of a certain size, others want an untimed powerpoint. The point is, this all takes a substantial amount of time, so get started now. My d left it almost too late and was really out of time with all the essays, apps, Sr year course load, work & ECs.</p>

<p>For some reason I got cut off. I understand what Pi & Rence are saying, but it might depend on the schools you are applying to, as to how they view the art portfolio.</p>

<p>Schools with a well known art dept or an actual art school, do want more developed artists. However, we found that top 20 schools may be looking more for technical skill & potential. In order to get into a top 20 school, academics has to be a fairly major focus. So it's hard to develop all that artistic talent while taking 10 APs, etc. If you are presenting it as an enjoyable EC, without intent to major, that may be a different thing. Also, many top students have interests that span several fields - you don't have to be all about art to enjoy it.</p>

<p>I have never won an award, yet submitted a portfolio to all of my colleges. I took Art AP and though I am not superior in a technical regard, I feel that my work shows my thought process and my design capabilities, thusly adding to my application.</p>

<p>I agree, look at your artwork in the context of the rest of your application. When talking to someone who had read my application and had seen my artwork (an interviewer for a college [to an extent], yet by no means a qualified artist), they commented how my artwork paralleled my essays in thought process.</p>

<p>Basically, I see it being helpful in two regards. Firstly if you are technically good (which you state you are not). Secondly if you have a conceptual vision (that is more conceptual, allegorical, symbolic, surrealist etc.). If it is filled with merely mediocre still-life's without adding any further depth as an applicant, then I say no. But if you really craft the pieces (design and conception), then I say yes.</p>

<p>A tidbit of my portfolio: 1st</a> Folio - a photoset on Flickr</p>

<p>Nothing great, yet it shows my thought process as an artist and adds to my application.</p>

<p>meugenio, did you do these for art classes or independently?</p>

<p>i particularly like the "fat man killed the virgin desert." :)</p>

<p>AP Studio Art: 2D Design</p>