Art Portfolios for BS

I’m submitting an art portfolio through Gateway’s multimedia information section, and I’ve put my art pieces in a Google slideshow.

I’m wondering if that’s okay? I know that the schools probably aren’t expecting anything professional, but should I have prepared a website or something?

I’ve also heard that if you participate in any kind of performing/visual arts/sports, you can email department members with your portfolios and videos and they’d push for your acceptance to the school if they think you can contribute to their department. How greatly does this affect your chances of acceptance, and should I email heads of departments of regular department members?

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My kiddo is a dancer. We submitted a video compilation through the Gateway links, and/or on the initial interest page for each school. We also emailed the links to the dance department heads. I don’t know if any “pulled” for her before acceptance. But after M10 when we attended a zoom information session the director knew who my kiddo was and was excited to meet her on the zoom. It was just a home made video of excerpts. I don’t think that a professional portfolio or website is required as long as whatever you provide does a good job of showcasing your talent. And if there is a specific faculty member you are excited about, I would say it does not hurt to reach out and share it with them as well. Good luck.

We submitted both a visual arts and performing arts supplement via Gateway. However, a couple of schools (at the time) had their own platform by which they wanted visual arts submitted. So, we did that. Received feedback on the performing arts. Not sure if the visual arts portfolio was looked at because we never got feedback.

We were told by several schools to also email any links directly to our AO because the app platforms are notorious for not working for attachments. SO you think you’ve uploaded something and the AO goes to review your file and cannot open the document.

Back when I applied, I put together a visual arts portfolio (like in a black binder you get at the art store) and brought it to two schools during my interview, where I presented it to them and explained each project. I think this could be more helpful than a slide show, if possible.

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Alright, thank you to everyone who replied to this thread!

However, now, no school is doing in person interviews

I think L’ville is still doing them

@windyz Are you aware this is the prep school section? While some BSs are not doing in person interviews due to covid, we have found that the majority still are.

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