Art portolio question

Our S19 is applying to LACs and sending an art portfolio as a supplement. He may take a few art classes but is not majoring or minoring in art. He’s been drawing and painting for years. Has won some awards. We are confident that his work is good enough to send. On a few of the art supplements, he is asked what his artistic involvement in college will be. He’s not sure how to answer. He intends to say he will take classes but wonders how else he could contribute. In high school, he’s used his skills for many things - drawing posters for events, designing stages and marketing material for fundraisers. Would college students also use their skills for these types of things in college? That would be his honest answer. Thoughts?

I think that’s a great answer.

@homerdog, College art museums are primarily teaching museums which encourage student involvement. Although most of the paid positions will go to students majoring in visual art or art history, opportunities to get involved as a volunteer are open to all.

Here are a few examples

I think what’s most important for your son to communicate in his application is that visual art – making it, looking at it – is part of who he is and that he will continue to seek out ways to be involved in the campus art community. I don’t think specific examples are as important as a willingness and eagerness to continue his involvement. Citing awareness of an actual museum program that interests him would be a positive.