Art Schools, PLEASE help!!

I want to apply to a fine arts school or program and I’ve live in VA, so I will be applying to the VCU arts program but I’ve been told that they are extremely selective when choosing in-state students, because they get more money for out of state applicants. Besides VCU there are no good art programs or schools in my state, so I’ll have to pay a lot to go to art school since I don’t apply for a drastic amount of financial aid. Also, I started film photography freshman year so I do have somewhat of a background in art, but I started oil painting and drawing in my junior year, I know that its late but I’ve improved so much and have the basics down, but of course I still have a lot to learn. I’m so passionate about art I want to go to a good school more than anything & I’m in 2 different art classes & went to the summer program in SAIC on $750 merit scholarship. I have a 3.6 GPA and I’m expecting an ACT score of 24-26. So my questions are, are there any more affordable art schools/programs that still are accredited and have good opportunities? What are my chances of getting in? & what are my chances of getting into any art schools in England, such as UAL? Am I aiming too high? Are there any other options? I don’t want to end up not getting into any art school or program and be forced into getting a different degree in a random university in my state.

My schools in mind are…
SMFA (I think Tufts is above my academic level though)
SAIC (so expensive though)
Paris College of Arts
Cleveland Institute of Arts
BU College of Arts (BU has been emailing me to come to visits but never for their art program, so I don’t know?)

Any schools with a better fit?

I’m not exactly an expert on what your chances are, but here’s my take on it: If you’re going to apply to an art school, give them a kickass portfolio. It’s the portfolios that really count when you apply to an art school.

Most art schools’ portfolio requirements for visual arts programs will have you sending them drawings of still life, so work on those when you can. Work on your foundations as well as some creative ideas/concepts you have, because that’s what most art schools are looking for in their portfolios.

As for alternatives, try looking up some ateliers nearby. Much, much cheaper but some don’t offer degrees I believe. You can go check out ARC-approved schools [url=<a href=“”>]here[/url], there are some colleges mixed in there (right off the bat, I see Laguna). I can personally attest to LAAFA though I’ve only taken one class there over the summer.

Though I gotta ask, what do you plan on majoring in? Some schools would be better for you depending on your major, and what you’ll need to put and focus on in your portfolio will depend on that as well.

Also, look up if these art schools have scholarships. You can also try to Google some outside art scholarships as well as art contests. Those could help you pay for college.

Lesley University?

of those listed VCU is not only your best financially but its also one of the best schools in country for art ranked #2. My D attends.
Get yourself studio time, the more the better right now and build pieces for your portfolio. Show a diverse portfolio NOT just still life. use mixed media, draw from live models, conceptual and showcase your proficiency in different mediums.
You might also consider RIT, Good luck