Art student chances

<p>Well I'm not a fan of the new layout...but I thought I'd put up my post here.</p>

<p>It won't be that painful... </p>

<p>SAT I : Math 710 Verbal 750
SAT II : Ecological Biology 700 US History 720 Writing 730
ACT : Composite 32 (99th Percentile)
PSAT : 1600 composite 234 NM semi finalist as thus.
AP STUDIO: School doesn't offer class, but I took exam anyway 5 </p>

<p>Top Honors in National Latin Exam (Gold) all 4 years. (Not many people do this).
Placed Second, Second, Third, and 7th in the nation at National Junior Classical League Convention (3000-4000 People)
Placed 8th, 4th, 1st, and 3rd at Ohio Junior Classical League Convention (c. 1000 People) </p>

<p>All A's Freshman year
A's and B's Sophomore Year
A's and B's Junior Year
Probably A's and B's senior year.
(All of my A's were in AP Classes, the B's were in Honors Classes, I've always taken the hardest classes offered.)
GPA : weighted 4.04 unweighted...3.7? Not sure exactly
Rank: 10/121 (will be around 6/121 when graduating) </p>

<p>Signed up for AP US GOV (4?), AP COMPAR GOV (4?), AP ENGLISH (5?), AP CHEM (4?), AP CALC (5?), and AP VERGIL (4/5?) for next year. </p>

<p>President of the Art Club
Lawyer in Mock Trial
President as well as other offices in big Latin Club
Varsity Chess since 8th Grade
Tennis for 3 years
NHS Senior Year
Teen Counseling Senior Year
One on One counseling Senior Year
Mock Trial Senior Year </p>

<p>Did A Mural in our local park for community service, one planned for new school.
40 Hours for mural.
40 Hours for teen counseling.
20 Hours for one on one.
20 Hours political campaigning. </p>

<p>Really good RECs including one from painting professor at Centre College. </p>

<p>And most importantly, an excellent portfolio, praised at National Portfolio Day by colleges as well as professors at various other colleges. It got a 5 on the AP Studio Art exam--and I'm going to school for Art, so this is a huge part of my application. I did Studio Art my Junior year, and so I still have a couple months to refine my portfolio for portfolio day in the fall. </p>

<p>So what do you think? Washington has a great art program and I'd love to take classes there including the liberal arts education. Can I get in? What would I need to change? How difficult is it to get those full ride scholarships...probably don't need an answer to that one. </p>

<p>It's my top choice right now -- is that a good thing...</p>

<p>ok if not one person in 100 that view this actually submit something...surely ONE of you has ANY kind of idea ... not that anyone really even does ... but you could make something up to make me feel better, yeh?</p>

<p>this wasn't worth posting.... if you don't get in, you really screwed up some info on your app or have a criminal record</p>

<p>uh...okay thanks...</p>