Art Supplement help! Urgent!

I posted this yesterday, but no one seemed to have noticed…Please help! Your help will be greatly appreciated!

I indicated “yes” on the Common App Question that asks “Do you intend to submit an art supplement to school X…,” but I ended up not submitting the art supplement due to some technical reasons. Do I need to send an email to the school explaining why my art supplement was not submitted? Will I be disadvantaged for this? Please help! Thank you in advance!

I’m not sure how it works for art schools/supplements but you should probably drop an email and explain why. I don’t know if it would be held against you; that would be something to ask your GC.

Thanks for the reply! This was not for an art school. My GC doesn’t really know much about art supplements so that’s why I asked:( I wasn’t sure if saying “yes” on the art supplement question meant that we were “bound” to submitting an art supplement, but I’ll email the college and let them know.

You aren’t required to submit an art supplement since this isn’t an art school. The reason you want to tell them that you aren’t submitting the supplement is so they don’t hold up your application waiting for it to arrive. And no, it won’t be held against you at all.