Art Supplement Questions

<p>I plan on submitting an art supplement to a few schools. My art supplement will include videos of dance and violin performances located all conveniently on a website. I do however have one particular problem. The question concerns a video game. This past summer, I along with a few other students developed a video game entirely on our own (includes game graphics, art design, game play, and coding). The reason I want to include the video game is because 1) It is arguably a form of art with all the images we designed ourselves and 2) One of my intended fields of study is computer science and I want to give an example of some coding/work I've done. Now here are my questions:</p>

<p>1) Is including a video game in the art supplement appropriate? If not, is there another way I can show this game as an example of my coding work?
2) How should I show this game on my art supplement website? A video of the game play? A download link? I'm not sure that the people reviewing this material would be willing to download a student's game, etc. when they have thousands of applications to review. </p>

<p>Please give suggestions or share your insight/opinions. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance! :)</p>