Art supplement questions

<li>First, I want to submit both vocal performance and paintings, but there is only one blank in common app to type a link. What can I do?</li>
<li>Second, I don't have any real mentors. All knowledge and technique I know come from the internet, art books, and eavesdropping the art classes in my part-time job. So, what can I do in art recommendation letter ?</li>

<p>Please help me, thank you very much</p>

<p>If your art has not gotten any recognition, and you don't have formal training, you may want to skip it or you could appear to be grasping at straws to show talent.</p>

<p>On vocal talent, it goes similarly. If you are just singing at a high school concert, that may not help you. If you are singing or have had success on a broader level (regionally, state, or nationally) then it makes more sense to showcase this talent. Colleges are assuming that you're highlighting these talents because you intent to seriously pursue them in some way while at college, either in classwork or campus groups.</p>

<p>Call the school and ask if you can submit a CD of your artwork/CD of songs instead of submitting the art supplement. That's what my D did and she was admitted ED to her first choice school.</p>