Article depicting Harvard's sad social scene

<p>If you're still wondering about Harvard's social environment Read this. I am quite surprised at the effect that the Finals Club seem to have. Many people (Byerly) have downplayed the Finals Clubs saying they only involve a small portion of the undergraduates. But wait, they're the only social spaces in Harvard, but excluded to a priviledged few. And everyone wants to be in them. No wonder, there's nothing else to do!</p>

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<p>YALE is so much better! LOL</p>

<p>If you are so much better quit posting such blasphemy.</p>

<p>one thing to keep in mind is that students who go to harvard have no other school to measure their experience against; they expect the best because it's harvad and are therefore more critical than students who go to lets say, podunk university. </p>

<p>but yes, yale does rock.</p>

<p>umm who cares about harvards social scene...shouldn't this article be posted on the harvard forum? lets quit this harvard-obsession and move onto more interesting topics...</p>

<p>So often Yalies seem to have no internal guidance system, but can only measure themselves against Harvard.</p>

<p>Here is a column that appeared in the Yale Daily News last fall that spotlighted the syndrome:</p>

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<p>ya i agree. yale seems to have an inferiority complex against harvard</p>

<p>that article is such garbage,
maybe its hard for the socially introverted to find stuff to do but i dont see why it should be harder than at anyother school</p>

<p>and i seriously doubt that a lack of space is the problem...</p>

<p>"Notice that this dominance has nothing to with the substance of a Yale or Harvard education or the quality of the academics at each university or even the statistics of each university."</p>

<p>Can you offer up a defense of that, Byerly?</p>

<p>That's the hopeful Yalie rationalization, of course; but at the end of the day, they glumly concede:</p>

<p>"We perceive our awesome dominance over (almost) all else, but humbly recognize the existence of One above us... It's the tragedy of human existence, and the sooner we can appreciate it, in Yale and in ourselves, the better off we will be. And if not, we can always look down on Princeton."</p>

<p>Sure, Harvard's name is more presitigious than Yale's.</p>


<p>If you mean top students are more likely to choose Harvard than Yale, if offered a choice, then you are correct. </p>

<p>Of course the same is true relative to any elite. including MIT, Princeton or Stanford.</p>

<p>Getting its pick of the top students every year is the key to Harvard's continued dominance.</p>

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<p>Harvard's continuing dominance in what, exactly?</p>

<p>Sure taking the "top students every year" will ensure that year after year, they will attend Harvard.</p>

<p>After that, it is meaningless. </p>

<p>And again, you seem to believe that the Harvard admissions committee is infallible.</p>

<p>It isn't. Who's more of a "top student": the student who gets into SYPM or Harvard and Georgetown? I know both.</p>

<p>If the "top" students go to Harvard, then it will continue to be the "top" university. The logic there doesn't seem too difficult to comprehend zephyr...or does it???</p>

<p>The Harvard Admissions Office certainly does not claim infallibility.</p>

<p>Indeed, I have frequently been told that they view the opportunity to "sign" a few superstars from other schools as transfers annually as "a chance to rectify our admissions mistakes." </p>

<p>Frequently, the transferrees are people who Harvard hesitated to take a chance on initially, but who have since proved themselves to be capable scholars (or perhaps skilled football players ... or both!)</p>

<p>Evaluating high school seniors on the basis of test scores, etc., and predicting how they will do in college - or later in life - is, at best, an inexact science.</p>

<p>But it is widely conceded that Harvard is far more likely than other schools to enroll most of the people it identifies as desirable, for whatever reason.</p>

<p>Yale was my first choice for a while, but now that feeling is starting to wane. Don't Yale and Harvard people ever get tired of bickering with each other. If neither school can't get by without comparing themselves to the other, what's the point? Let's not forget that Princeton tied for first with Harvard.</p>

<p>I don't know. Harvard versus Yale was fun at first, but isn't it enough already?</p>

<p>this is so pathetic.........</p>

<p>I find it hard to believe that the people who are regarded the best and brightest of the nation are wasting their time fighting over who's better. </p>

<p>Get over it! Harvard and Yale are both amazing schools, but you must have some shred of maturity to even remotely succeed at either insitution. Stop the petty debates.</p>

<p>And Byerly, aren't you an adult well into your 40's? If so, what in the **** are you doing prowling the Harvard and Yale boards looking for any excuse to post about the greatness and superiority of Harvard? </p>

<p>You give Harvard, and any other elite institution, for that matter, a bad name.</p>

<p>AMEN pianoking and helix! it's about time somebody said it.</p>

<p>I refer you the original post in this thread - an obvious flame effort.</p>

<p>true, but you're only too enthusiastic to spread this insanity and jump on the "Harvard is better, beat that, sucker! (sticks tongue out and runs away) " band wagon. For the love of whatever you hold dear, try to show a modicum of maturity and rationality, and please refrain from your incessant Pro-Harvard propaganda.</p>

<p>You are hardly one to lecture about what constitutes helpful information for those seeking it.</p>

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