Article on Likely Letters in The Crimson

<p>Here it is: The</a> Harvard Crimson :: News :: Likely Letters on the Rise.</p>

...In keeping with this trend, Harvard has sent out 217 of these letters so far, and “all but ten” of them have gone to athletes, according to Fitzsimmons. But he adds that the admissions office is still planning on sending out a substantial number of non-athletic likelies before March 31.</p>

<p>Fitzsimmons calls it an “unprecedented year” with many other colleges trying to poach students who could be lured away without an early Harvard admission...


<p>Thanks for posting this, xjayz. Only 10 non-athletic likelies sent so far. Wow. Must be extraordinary candidates.</p>

<p>I know a girl who got a likely letter. She was recruited for soccer.</p>

<p>that article is fairly recent...doesn't make much sense for Harvard to send likelies with only three weeks left........</p>

<p>A kid at my school got a likely letter and he is not an athelete...</p>

<p>crosscurrent--imagine, though, that you were waiting to hear from a whole list of schools, and somebody from Harvard (of all places!) called and told you that you were accepted. In those three or so weeks remaining, besides freaking out waiting for other decisions, you could also be looking more closely at Harvard. Perhaps if you're in the area you even go visit. You're just that more likely to go there. I think it makes perfect sense for them to do that...even though their motive may be just to increase their yield.</p>

<p>I am not an athlete either nor an URM.</p>

<p>whoohoo! i'm in the crimson!
i hope that the next time my name shows up in there it'll be with a by-line.</p>

<p>Tyler G. Funk</p>

<p>That is the coolest name I have ever heard, and it's not even made up. He wins at life.</p>

<p>haha i know him too. i'll be sure to tell him that.</p>

<p>"Lied" down? Ye gods.</p>

<p>This article gives hope to us non-athletes who are looking at CC thinking, "likely letters? what likely letters? oh noooooooo........."</p>

<p>Whitelulu: My eighth grade US History teacher's name was Joe Funk. When we went on a field trip, he was also the Leadership teacher, we used to sing, "Whose got the Funk? We got the Funk!"</p>