Articles in Imagine Magazine

<p>My kids article will be coming in the imagine magaine issue which will in the upcoming issue during Jan/Feb. Since he is a prolific writer, he writes extensively for his school newspaper. Is this newspaper writing like for school and imagine magazine carries any weight as a ECs?</p>

<p>Writing is a great EC as it is an indicator of high level writing skills, certainly one predictor of success in college. I'm not familiar with the publication you mention, but in general a writer being published in something other than his/her HS publications is a plus; the more well known and widely distributed the publication, the better the indication that a qualified editor saw significant merit in the published piece.</p>

<p>I believe Imagine is published by or in conjunction with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program. It's a significant achievement for a high school student and would definitely be worth mentioning on a college application. I would also recommend copying the article and submitting it to those colleges that allow additional materials to be sent in. Congrats to your child!</p>

<p>Momof2 in CA</p>

<p>Yes Imagine is published by the CTY in conjunction with JHU. He is still a 10th grader. Thanks</p>

<p>congratulations to your son. That's a great EC! (and honor) I'll watch for the article when my copy appears.</p>

<p>Yes that is a great EC. Colleges do appreciate such ECs, too. Also, since your son clearly can write at a professional level, he also could get published in professional newspapers and other professional magazines. They don't care how old someone is: What matters is how well the person writes.</p>

<p>It is possible for young writers who are prodigies to be able to write for some of the top newspapers in the country on a freelance basis. Typically what papers will buy from freelancers are travel articles and local sports reporting (particularly high school teams). </p>

<p>Have your son get tips from the book "Writer's Market," which it would be worth his money to buy. It's widely available including in the reference section of libraries.</p>

<p>congratulations on publishing an article in Imagine. i was thinking about sending them an article too in the near future. what was the topic?</p>

<p>if he is a formidable editorial writer and enjoys persuasive as opposed to informative writing, i do not feel that it would be worth his time to do intensive reporting. if he plans to do journalism, he will end up getting plenty of experience with reporting through future internships and classes. if not, there is no reason to do reporting for the sole purpose of being published in a top newspaper. local sports reporting can be extremely boring for some students.</p>

<p>i imagine that he is quite busy during the school year and would benefit greatly from looking at possible internships at newspapers over the summer. newspaper is certainly a great EC because it shows the creattivity, writing ability, and deadline-heeding ability of a student.</p>

<p>He has written about an EC which he has enjoyed since grade school. He plays sports for school but he does not like reporting school sports. This is boring task for him. He is more into writing for causes which shows persuasive opinion or reflective side. Since he is into volunteering and political camapigns, he writes topics susch as international policies, national business and political interests etc. He does not want to be a jouranlist. He is someone who happens to love math and scince (AP BC Calc, AP Scince and AP hisotry in 10th grade). However, he would rather pursue a craeer in business, law or polictics.</p>

<p>Do you think it is good idea to tell his teachers in the school about that he has an articles published in Imagine?</p>

<p>Yes, an article in Imagine is really sweet. It does two things, shows writing skills and highlights the experience in the EC. My dd has a really nice article published last issue and I had color copies made of the cover and the two pages of the article. The GC included it in her college recommendation.<br>
Another teacher distributed copies to the school and she is getting great kudos for it (it showcases some activity at her school.) You should certainly give a copy to the school. What is the theme of that month's issue? Imagine is a really good magazine and it's an honor to be invited to write for them.</p>

<p>Writing for the school paper is also a very good EC.</p>

<p>Also, info for Justice--</p>

<p>I'm not sure they take unsolicited articles. They have a theme in each issue. But still that issue has a couple of other non-theme articles--usually written by staffers or ppl in that field. If you think you wrote something interesting that is in line with their magazine, don't hesitate to send it, along with a one page bio, perhaps. Maybe they will call on you. They told me they don't repeat themes often. </p>

<p>It is unpaid, btw. dd did spend quite some time (a month) on a 1st draft to them, after being asked to write (because of her experience.) She was told she had one of the most "finished" drafts ever submitted, but still there were a few cuts, edits and rewrites--so many back-and-forth over another month or more.</p>

<p>Imagine may take book reviews unsolicited (though it probably would be better to ask first). Some time ago, my S received an email asking whether he would like to send in a book review. The most recent issue of Imagine carries a review by the editor, so it appears that she may had had trouble lining up student writers.</p>