Articulated agreements

<p>I'm currently at a community college with a articulated agreement for a 4 year university.The community college I attend has a program with this university, so students could pursue their Bachelor's after they obtain their Associates.</p>

<p>Has anyone transfered from a community college to a 4 year university?</p>

<p>How good are articulated agreements?</p>

<p>Do you have any opinions of articulated agreements?</p>

<p>Just make sure you can transfer into something you want to do. Sometimes transfer programs are very limited.</p>


<p>I chose articulated engineering.</p>

<p>Besides, the college I attend is a good community college that has a direct connect program with university I have an agreement with.The chances of you not getting in is really slim.</p>

<p>Sounds like a good idea then. The only disadvantage is that community college doesn't always provide the same experience as a university. I went to technical college for two years. When I went to college it was a whole different experience and I don't even go to a large college. </p>

<p>Advantages will be that you save money and if you don't think you'll get accepted now you have two years to build a good record to transfer with.</p>

<p>Did you major in engineering?</p>

<p>Nah I did an IT major in tech school and am now doing computer engineering. </p>

<p>What I mean by college experience is being on campus, school events, etc. I don't know what the school you are considering is like so you would be the best judge of that.</p>

<p>something to keep tabs on: the agreements may change from one year to another (unlikely, but be careful!!!!). one year, bio 1 may be some thing, but at the next year, bio 1 may be equal to something else. i believe the agreement is valid when you took the class. however, universities must honor articulated agreements (unless ur school somehow loses its accreditation. )</p>

<p>also, you may be in trouble when you have to take major classes that wont be offered at your CC. for example, i have a friend who wants to transfer to the same college as me and the same major (chem e). however, his first year here, he has to take a soph level chem e class, which means he's gonna have to spend 5 years total getting his degree. may not be a problem for you, but something you should know.</p>