arts, advertising & business?

<p>We're just starting to talk about colleges and careers w/ 2nd child, and hope to go to a college fair next week. It is like starting TOTALLY over. Unlike her older sibling in math/science, she is more interested in the graphic arts, communications, advertising, business, and perhaps a foreign language (so far). The college guides often list fine arts when it is a good program, but so far, we have found few that even mention graphic arts or advertising. And these are areas we know nothing about. Any suggestions to get us started? She's an A/B "average" student, probably the 25th percentile, looking for small to mid-size colleges, preferably located in a nice city. (A college town is possible, but definitely no rural or secluded schools). She also enjoys history and English, but doubts she will pursue these areas for a career, but rather for general interest. Finances are definitely a factor, and we're a little worried about availabliltiy of merit aid for the "average" student.</p>

<p>Syracuse has an excellent advertising program - and a very strong art program with a graphic design component. Of course, it is a "large" school and I'm not sure Syracuse qualifies as a "nice city" but I enjoyed my time there. However, it is worth a look. Another suggestion would be Susquehanna U in PA. They have a terrific communications program with an advertising component and their art program does include graphic design. She might qualify for merit money there. Another possibility: Goucher College outside of Baltimore. They have a good communications program and offer tons of internships in Baltimore. Students can also cross register for classes at the Maryland Institute and College of Art. She would probably also get merit money there. They also have a strong English and history department.</p>

<p>I think Rochester Institute of technology is good for graphic arts. And if your GPA and scores are good, you will get merit aid too.</p>

<p>Kjofkw, are you looking at any area of the country in particular?</p>

<p>lizchup: We're midwest, and my h. and I prefer a 5-6 hour radius. BUT....SHE likes the coasts, so for now it is wide open.</p>

<p>Not sure where you are located or where your D might like to end up, but it is worth a call to an Addy award-winning ad agency (<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;) to see if your D can spend a day at the firm getting coffee and checking out the atmosphere.</p>

<p>From there, you might take the art director out to lunch with D and get advice about good schools.</p>

<p>Mind you, it's all about talent and energy. And keep in mind that advertising is a young person's game. Not many 40+ on the cutting edge. Also, it's worth looking at how many female art directors got Addys. Go in with your eyes open sort of investigation.....</p>

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<p>These summer programs can be great portfolio builders...</p>