Arts Chances?

<p>US Student.
GPA: 3.86UW/4.25W
SAT: 790CR/680M/650W
SATII: 640 M II, 600 US H</p>

<p>What ACT score would I need to get in, if my current score make McGill too much of a reach?</p>

<p>Arts is one of the easier faculties to get into:</p>

<p>Here are the admission standards for arts: </p>

<p>B/B+ average in grades 10,
11 and 12; B/B+ in each
English; each SAT I and II
620 (SATI Math 600) or ACT 28</p>

<p>You meet or exceed every posted standard so you are in. It is that simple, since ECs and essays are irrelevant for admission, except for getting in off the waitlist.</p>