Arts & Design?

<p>How is Rutgers NB for arts & design?</p>

<p>The art school at Rutgers New Brunswick is called Mason Gross. I believe you apply to it separately. It is new beautiful red brick facility. They also have an art gallery attached. When I took my d, the art exhibit was some kind of contest -with money as the prize -- there were some interesting projects. I think outside entries were also being taken. One of the professors had a giant 4 x 8 paper making project in process with two other students helping, There were many design projects hanging from the ceiling as well. We saw very few students but it was lunch time. Mason Gross is located among the other buildings in the business district, not intwined within the grasssy campus so it has hard to get a feel for any campus life. We did see some nice senior studios, not sure where the underclassmen did their work.</p>