Arts (fine arts) at Haverford vs Carleton


I was recently accepted to Haverford and Carleton and I really love both schools from what I know. I am mostly undecided in my major, but I intend to focus primarily on art (sculpture, photography, etc) and environmental studies and sciences.

I am so grateful for these options, and I was wondering if any art student at either school has any insight on the arts at Haverford or Carleton? It is a bit tough because I applied to almost solely liberal arts schools except for RISD, which I got into and love as well, but I am a bit intimidated to go to a school that is solely (or primarily) art since I am not certain in my major. I am a bit overwhelmed (in a good way) and extremely grateful for these options.

I especially love the environment and “vibe” at Haverford, but I don’t know a ton about their arts. Does anyone have any advice?