Arts Legacy

<p>While trying to submit my application, I found that I had to chose a concentration. Since I hadn't on the original application, I had to start a new one (which was annoying in itself), but then I have to choose between a "General" and "Arts Legacy". What IS Arts Legacy? Is it a good idea? Would General just make more sense? Is it easy to change whether you're doing Arts Legacy or General? </p>

<p>...I'm kind of confused. Also, it says on my application summary that I did not request a scholarship. I'd like to, but I wasn't given the option.</p>

<p>Confused myself, I emailed McGill with your latter query, and recieved the following reply:</p>

<p>Please note that you do not need to apply for a scholarship; all applicants are automatically considered for the Basic Scholarship. Should you wish to apply for a Major Scholarship, you must do so on Minerva once you have received your acknowledgement notice.</p>

<p>Also, the Arts Legacy official webpage offers a description of the program:</p>

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<p>its easy to switch from general to arts legacy. i know several people who did it.</p>

<p>but arts legacy is pretty cool</p>

<p>So, I've been reading about it, and it sounds fabulous. This is what I am assuming happens: it's done entirely in the first year. You are required to take the four courses, do all the seminars, tutorials, etc, and then you get to choose ONE other course for the year. </p>

<p>So if I wanted to take French, I would be taking the Legacy courses, and French, and that would be my U0 year. Then after that, everything would continue as if I had done the General Program.</p>

<p>What do people know about it? Is it good? Is it worth doing? Would I still have the freedom to take classes that I want to (after the U0 year)? </p>

<p>It sounds really interesting and I'm leaning towards taking it.</p>

<p>i'm a U1 science kid. (a first year though)
and one of my good friends is in arts legacy. </p>

<p>here are some benefits:
smaller program = smaller classes = actually getting to know the people in your classes</p>

<p>more interactive (not just a lecture, midterm, final type class)</p>

<p>it seems like a really cool program</p>