Arts Major/ PreMed- Possible???

<p>After seeing all these posts about premed. I'm getting a little nervous. I want to be Gyneacologist (took Anatomy classes in hs and really loved the women's health studies, also did a whole capstone on disorders like Fibroids and was absolutely fascinated by it), but I want to have an art major like English or History. I'm worried about if this is really rare or bad advice. My mother doesn't want me to major in Eng or His. as she feels these are courses you can't work with while I'm in graduate school. I'm just really confused. I got in early decision and I said I was undecided and right now I really do feel undecided. I'm hoping that freshman year really helps out with decision. I guess my question is how unlikely is it to major in the arts and be on the pre med track or should I just go for some science. Do med schools look down on applicants who major in the arts field?</p>

<p>NU makes it super super easy to dual major and humanities majors often have advantages in med school admissions. HTH.</p>

<p>absolutely not, med schools actually love that! humanities are great for med schools as long as you get your prereqs, and more importantly, do well in them. they're pretty much all science/math so if you do well in them it pretty much highlights how well-rounded you are</p>

<p>If it's possible to do a triple major with Economics, Statistics, and Learning & Organizational Change, it's possible to do English pre-med.</p>

<p>The above is really not true, necesarrily. I agree that it is possible, but in the above case, Stats and Econ have a ton of overlap, and I'm guessing LOC does too. History or English are both large majors completely distinct (no overlap) with pre-med.</p>

<p>Just to clarify: LOC alone requires a total of 45 courses. Handling a double in econ is common just like IE/econ is. However, requiring both econ and stat requirements will surely send it over 48, requiring overloading at one time or another. Not a point worth contention, but I offered it anyways....sorry hehe</p>

<p>Light23 - I've looked up some numbers for you (and again, you can do this on your own). It seems the English Literature major requires 15 courses. With non-double-counted distros (12), foreign language (6), and seminars (2), that looks like 35 courses total (but of course, English distro is completed). The 12-course bio/chem/orgo/physics requirement fits in just fine, bringing the total up to 45 after counting for natural sciences requirement. Heck, biochem and cell bio even fit.</p>

<p>Long story short, it's possible. Plenty of biology and chemistry majors just because pre-med fits. Great reason for you to do English or History if you want, because not many people survive as a pre-med English major.</p>

<p>LOC's "48" courses include 9 completely free electives, 10 credits of distribution requirements (up to **7[/7] of which may be filled with APs, as compared to WCAS's 2). So already the "48" is down to 32. One of those 32 is a research methods class that will be duplicated in both Econ and Stats and almost universally you need only take one, so 31. 11 courses must be from "Approved concentration courses", which include nearly all econ and stat courses. So 21.</p>

<p>After you cross count its very doable. You MIGHT need to overload, but honestly, that's not that hard, especially if yo're talking only once or twice and can plan for it by picking easy classes.</p>

<p>Alright, it seems I've miscommunicated my point, but I won't bother to clarify again.</p>

<p>One lesson we've learned here is that cross-counting helps a TON :)</p>

<p>Lol when I first read "art major" in the title, I thought you meant visual and fine arts XD.
No, I dont think it will make a difference. As long as you meet the course and testing requirements, you should be fine. Just make sure you take all the science and math classes you need if they aren't covered in your major.</p>