Arts Portfolio Wellesley

I need advice regarding a vocal music arts portfolio for Wellesley College. I intend to upload a vocal performance to slideroom for most of my competitive schools. I sing in various school choral ensembles and at the regional level. However, due to conflicts in trying to schedule rehearsals with my choir director, my pieces are heavily unpolished and are just not performance ready. For Wellesley, I was planning on applying Regular Decision with Early Evaluation, which has a December 15th deadline. Based on the status of my pieces currently, I don’t think I will be able to submit a vocal music arts portfolio by the December 15th deadline. Do you think the portfolio has a significant impact on admissions? Would it be better to submit my application for the December 15th deadline without the supplement, or by January 15th with the portfolio?
For reference, here’s a bit on my academic/musical record (I’m trying to keep it as vague but informative as possible)
SAT: 800 Math, 770 Reading/Writing
ACT: 34 Composite
GPA: 3.9/4
Taken 15 AP/Dual Enrollment classes (including senior year)
Vocal Ensembles: Treble Choir (highest level, VP), Show Choir, Chamber Choir (now disbanded), region choir, perform in school musical
Voice Type: Mezzo-Soprano
Bands: Marching Band (Drum Major), formerly in flute choir, district honors band, wind ensemble (no longer take band classes and therefore can’t participate in these ensembles)

Any advice you guys have is very much appreciated :slight_smile: Wellesley is one of my top schools but I’m not quite sure which action plan is the best for me.