Arts & Sciences Pathway Program - Fall 2020 Students

Hi everyone!

I wanted to make a thread for all the first-year applicants who got accepted into the Georgia Tech Arts & Sciences Pathway Program for Fall 2020 as transfers. Feel free to post your major and whether or not you’re considering this option! :slight_smile:

I got this and will be majoring in psychology! I plan on attending the Georgia State honors college for a year before transferring!

My daughter received this offer so I’m following. There seems to be little information out there from students who have gone this route. We’re not quite sure what to think, but it was more exciting than a denial and I’m proud of her! She’s still waiting on several decisions, but this gives her something else to consider.

Hi! I got this offer as well, and I’m still waiting for other college decisions but I will definitely be considering this option since I like GT a lot. In my opinion, I think it’s better than being deferred, because it’s essentially a guaranteed admission after one year. Since you can’t go into engineering, computing, or business, I will most likely consider the college of science. Also, I read that there’s a way to get into Comp Sci through this program, but I’ll have to do a bit more research on that. Congrats!

@drewkm7 Congrats to you as well! I completely agree with you. For myself, I see it as a blessing in disguise, as I will be attending community college this upcoming year and then transferring to GT, which would save quite some money rather than attending this year.

I’m going for Computational Media in the school of liberal arts and the degree is partially completed through the school of computing. Maybe that’s one way to possibly get into CS!

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@brokenjavascript The Arts and Sciences Pathway program specifically excludes majors in engineering, business and computer science so I don’t think GaTech will let you transfer from a Computer Media major, to computer science, but ask them. Perhaps you could get a computer science minor, with computer media major.

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My son is definitely considering this as a math major. It would be nice to hear from students who have gone through this process.

Hey! I just finished my Arts & Science Pathway for Fall 2019 in psychology. If anyone has questions about how the process works or wants a rundown on the basics, I can help!

hi @Cactiaresharp213 nice to know. my S is offered the program. how competitive is to get admission when applying to Tech after the first year? is it dependent on major applied for? are they allowed to change major after admission to year two?

Hi! @Cactiaresharp213 Can I ask you which college you have attended for the first year?

Hi @click01 basically the way it worked for me was, I took the courses I was required to, filled out the transfer application in Janaury when it opened, in March they flagged me as A/S Pathway, and now I just need to send my current semester’s transcripts and I’m done. In general, it’s much easier to get in after the first year, and the pathway makes it much much easier-- because it’s guaranteed to you to get in so long as you meet the requirements they set forth. You can change your major as long as it’s within the colleges of Arts or Science- I was biology and now I’m psychology. And I’m not sure about if it’s dependent on major but when I visited Tech during the year for a transfer session, they said that faculty from the department look over your application- for example, the counselor said mine would have 3-6 psych professors reading over it as well. So yes, to an extent I would assume so. However, I’m not 100% sure.

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@Hellocollege11 Georgia State University!

Hi @Cactiaresharp213 thanks much. This really helps. my S is planning to UGA the first year. best of luck to you!!

Thank you for answering questions! How extensive was the transfer application? Other than taking the required courses, did you have to submit recommendations? Did you have to show extra curricular activities?

Would you be able to major in economics and minor in business?

How did the research go regarding getting into Comp Sci? Would you mind sharing your findings? Thanks!

Would like to know this too

Old thread, but I wanted to correct information above:
As Computational Media is a dual program between the schools of Computing and Liberal Arts, it is considered a Liberal Arts major and can be pursued through the A&S Pathway.

Thank you for confirming!