Arts specific visit day....student only?

<p>My daughter has registered online for "Arts" day visits at several LAC's in the Northeast. She assumed from questions like "How many for lunch?" on the registration , that I could attend them with her. She recently received a e-mail from one college stating that parents are welcome to join the last hour of the day.
I called one of the others and the person I spoke to in admissions "wasn't really sure". She suggested I call back on Monday. For anyone who has been on a specilized tour day (art, math& science etc.) are the days for visiting students only?</p>


<p>My friend took her daughter to an Engineering day at Lafayette recently and it was for parents and students</p>

<p>Generally speaking, I think these kinds of visits should be for the student only and parents should make themselves scarce. Once the high school kid hits senior year, these college visits play a valuable role in the transition from high school to college and part of that transition is leaving Mom and Dad behind!</p>

<p>If you want to see the campus, take one of the tours, go visit the art museum, see the surrounding area, and then link back up when your kid's activities are finished.</p>

<p>For what it's worth, the daughter of the friend is a junior this year, and this was the first school she visited.</p>

<p>Hey can you tell me about where and when these visits take place?</p>