Arts Supplement and Research Poster

<p>I have two questions:</p>

<p>1) I am planning to send a music supplement to Caltech and RPI, among other schools (these two are just Nov. 1st deadlines). I'm a little confused about how to send them. Should I use the common app art supplement form? My sister sent pictures of her pottery to Caltech without the arts supplement form and got in (perhaps it's not 100% indicative, but still). I'm also not sure how long the recordings should be. I have about 20 minutes worth of music in 4 pieces that I can cut. I'm planning to put the CD and a music resume in an envelope and give it to my piano teacher to put his rec letter in the envelope and mail to the schools.</p>

<p>2) I'm also submitting a research poster. Some people have told me to upload my poster onto the common app space at the end. Or should I put it in an envelope to give to my research mentor to put his rec letter in and send that whole envelope?</p>


<p>Go to the respective college websites and search for the details on supplements. Certain colleges ask for separate supplements and do not accept commonapp supplement.</p>

<p>I forgot to mention. I’ve searched and neither school provides specifics for art supplement stuff. Caltech mentions some stuff, but not the questions I’m asking. Could someone please help? Thanks</p>