Arts Supplement Recommendation

<p>My D is not planning to major in music, but is planning to submit an arts supplement. She plays the bagpipe in her school's pipe band (and also plays clarinet in the concert band). The bagpipe is the instrument she wants to highlight in her supplement since bagpiping is a unique instrument. We asked her band instructor (he oversees the entire band program) whether he or the pipe instructor should do the recommendation. He suggested starting w/ the pipe instructor since he teaches her the bagpipes (and if the pipe instructor couldn't do it, he would do it). The pipe instructor drives in once a week to teach them; the rest of the time she practices under her pipe major (another student) and the band director (but he doesn't teach them). So anyway D asked pipe instructor yesterday, and he said yes, but to e-mail him what it should cover. It doesn't sound like the pipe instructor has had to do one of these before (the pipe band is significantly smaller than the regular band & most kids at D's school either don't go to college or go to state schools (no music supplements)). So, given that D and I have never had her receive a music recommendation letter before, what exactly should she tell him should be covered? Is it about what type of music she plays or her level - or is it more like a general recommendation letter other teachers write? Should she just go w/ the band instructor since he knows what to do??? She needs to get this figured out as she cannot submit any common app school applications w/out having this! Thanks for your advise!</p>