Arts Supplement

<p>Hi! I was wondering if anyone out there was submitting an arts supplement to UChicago--either under the Common App arts supplement guidelines or, of more interest to me personally, an independent creative writing sample?</p>

<p>Just curious to see what talents my competition has. ;-)</p>

<p>Please share!</p>

<p>I applied to Chicago EA and I submitted an arts supplement. I've been playing violin for 11 years and I submitted a 10 min CD of two pieces.</p>

<p>I applied EA with a creative writing supplement! How long was yours/what genres did you include?</p>

<p>i also wanted to submit a creative writing sample. the website doesn't specify a page limit - about how long was yours? i plan on submitting just a fictional short story but i'm not sure whether they are looking for one pages or five...</p>

<p>also, do you think it would be okay if i mailed it in seperately to the admissions office? i know some people attatched it into the additional info section online but my app has been submitted already....</p>

<p>Mine was 10 pages - I submitted 5 poems and a 5 page piece of nonfiction. My creative writing teachers told me that about 10 pages is a good length to go by. I mailed mine separately to the admissions office, and just put 're: my name' in the address.</p>

<p>Really? Lol...I was debating which essays to put in there because I didn't want it to exceed 7 pages >_>...I added no poems or newspaper articles either! It was all phil/poli sci papers :(.</p>

<p>I enclosed the first chapter of my eighth novel - it was about 20 pages. :) It's my Independent Study project for this year, so I decided to just send the whole thing and not enclose anything else.</p>

<p>^did you type that correctly? Your EIGHTH novel?</p>

well. I can assure you I don't have eight novels</p>

<p>Wow, that's pretty intense. I just submitted an abstract for a research paper I wrote.</p>

<p>so I was planning on submitting a music supplement too, but I have only prepared one piece, which is around 8 minutes long. but the commonapp supplement sheet says to prepare a 10 min piece of contrasting examples.
should i submit mine?</p>

<p>I'd say DEFINITELY submit a supplement! I suspect that mine is what got me in (I was accepted EA last week). I submitted the literary magazine of which I am EIC (and which has published a lot of my art and writing). The admissions rep for my area remembered my application because of it when he came to my school and mentioned a piece of my art that he liked. I also got a card from UChicago today that wished me a good holiday and luck with the litmag this year. </p>

<p>Your supplement might make you stand out; go for it! Oh, and I just put mine in an envelope with a cover letter and mailed in separately. </p>

<p>Good luck! :)</p>