ArtSci Advisors

<p>I have a question for current students. Is it common for an advisor to be unresponsive? S e-mailed his advisor two weeks ago and again last week and has not received a response. Maybe he is on vacation. S met with his advisor during the first ArtSci week-end and signed up for American Politics 101B. Since then he found out that he received a 5 in the AP course and can waive out of 101B and receive 3 AP credits if he takes an advanced course. He probably cannot both take the course and get the AP credits. So he wanted to drop the course. Does he need permission to do this or can he just do it? (He knows how to drop it online.) He wanted advice from his advisor on whether he should replace the course. Without it, he will have 13.5 credits (he is taking piano for 1.5 credits). If he takes the appropriate advanced course he will be entitled to the maximum 15 AP credits all together so it seems he could take an easy first semester. Any advice?</p>

<p>He should still have the electronic registration privileges on WebSTAC. I'm pretty sure I still do (although I haven't tried it).</p>

<p>He knows how to physically drop the course, he is just wondering whether he should replace it, or whether he should just wait until he gets to St. Louis to do anything.</p>

<p>13.5 credits is within the recommended 13-16 credit range for first-semester freshmen, so if he wants to he can drop the course and take it easy.</p>

<p>But if he still wants to take a course in political science, he can. If the AP exam credits him for this politics course, there's no reason why he should take it. He should drop the course and register for the advanced course. Advisers are nice to have but they don't need to help you every step of the way. A lot of things your son will do at Wash U regarding registering for classes will require decisive action on his end.</p>

<p>He can go ahead and drop it himself. He can also go back and sign up for another course on his own. I would definitely recommend taking it easy first semester (13.5 sounds great), but my advisor last year also suggested something that I found really helpful: to sign up for an extra class, with the intention of dropping your least favorite class after getting a chance to see the teaching style/class structure.</p>