Artsy Help? Please?

Location: Semi-International currently go to boarding school in NE
School: Ranked in the top 10 in country
Scores: SAT1: 22XX SAT2: (PHYS:740)(Modern WORLD HISTORY:780)(Math2:780)
Grades: my school doesnt count GPA's but 3 A's 2 A- (this is extremely difficult at my school)</p>

<p>EC: writer/illustrator for 2 school publications
founder of a new art based publication
JV basketball
Varsity Golf Team
Investment Based Club member
Capitalist Based Club Member</p>

Volunteer at World Expo
Teaching orphans
Food Bank work
Selling stickers for Riding for the Disabled
Cleaning apartments for the elderly (CARITAS)</p>

Very good at art
Paintings sold to faculty members
Work featured in school art publications
School based art award(s)
created a professional sketch portfolio of the world expo (inc. narratives, artistic renderings)
architectural portfolio with complete design of a museum (inc. model, sketches, essay)
Work Experience at architect's firm (design buildings for earthquake in siChuan)
May attend RISD (rhode island school of design) summer program
very impressive art portfolio throughout the years</p>

<p>My general question is whether I should apply for art majors at top schools? Like basically what are my chances for an art major at schools like Princeton, Yale, UPENN, etc. </p>

<p>or should I apply to art colleges like RISD or Tisch at NYU. I feel like the branding of schools is still really important tho. Help me out? any suggestions?</p>

<p>Im basically really stuck on majors/schools.</p>

<p>bump it up</p>

<p>bump could anybody please help me?</p>

<p>i really need some insight. so if anyone would please</p>