As a community college student in their second year, when do you apply to transfer?

Hello everyone!

This might be a stupid question but I can’t really find an answer. So, this is my second year at community college (I have completed two full semesters and one summer semester, this is my third full semester) and I want to go to a university in fall 2021. From what I’ve read, in order to transfer you need to complete two semesters/complete 60 units so you can get accepted but I’m not exactly sure what that means in terms of timeline. Do I have to apply this semester when I haven’t completed the 60 units or do I wait until I graduate CC and then apply to a university?
Thanks in advance!

Depends on the university you want to transfer to.

Some, like the UCs and CSUs, want transfer students to complete 60 units by the spring term before they transfer to the university in the fall. So those students may apply to transfer while the spring term courses are planned or in progress. Admission will be contingent on completion of the planned or in progress courses with sufficiently high grades or GPA. Courses and grades completed before application, and the list of planned and in progress courses, will be used to make admission decisions (perhaps with other criteria, such as essays for the UCs).