As a transfer OOS student to UNC

<p>I'm really digging UNC's BSPH degrees they offer in their school of public health, and I'm heavily considering only applying there this year. Does anybody have any experience with their financial aid as an OOS student? Did you find it reasonable? </p>


<p>I had a really good financial aid package as an OOS transfer student. UNC covered my full demonstrated need (all but $1088), and only about $3500 of my aid package was in loans for the full year. Also, when the actual cost was higher for tuition and fees than the estimated cost, they gave me a "supplemental tuition grant" to cover the difference, instead of leaving me with a gap.</p>

<p>I was really happy with their financial aid, it's the best I was offered as a freshman applicant for colleges last year, and as a transfer applicant this year.</p>