A's at Tulane

<p>I received a 93.25 final grade in my English class this semester, and received an A- on my transcript. I emailed my teacher about it and she says that she went by Blackboard's grading standards, which seems strange to me because I have always considered 93 to be the cutoff for an A. She asked if I found anything contradicting the Blackboard grading system, that I should let her know. Do any of you guys know if there is an official grading system at Tulane?</p>

<p>I'd email the English department (or call), as this varies from department to department. I know that my Latin class cut off was 93 (an A) but in general classic classes a 94 is an A. I'm an English major but haven't really ever been on the borders of an A- before, so I'm no help. Although I really would assume it's a 93 and not a 94.</p>

<p>Also, while I am not saying you should not argue for what you think you deserve, the difference between an A- and an A isn't likely to affect you down the road. But I understand that it is a competitive world and every little advantage is a good one. Maybe there is something arguable in a grade she gave you along the way that would, if regraded, bump your average to a 93.5+ (assuming she rounds up).</p>

<p>But while there are a few people that seem to count a 93 as an A, the significant majority of people do seem to use 90-93=A- and then 94-100 as an A.</p>

<p>I realize that the difference is minimal, but this is a grade that I worked particularly hard for, specifically because I thought an A was within range. If it is true that a 93 is typically an A-, then I guess there isn't much to say. Is that a college thing? I've never had a teacher in the past who cuts off an A at 94.</p>

<p>Check the syllabus to see if your professor has his/her own grading scale? From what I've been seeing online, the school seems to consider a 93 as an A and not an A-. </p>

<p>And while the difference GPA wise isn't 'that' huge, you should definitely get it fixed imo. You never know when those extra points on your GPA can help you.</p>