As I Lay Dying

<p>Is anyone here familiar with Faulkner's As I Lay Dying? I have to write a 4 page paper on really whatever I want in the book, but I was looking for some guidance. I want to talk I suppose about Piety and Religion in the novel with respect to the hypocritical nature of some characters like Cora and Whitfield. I guess I just was wondering if anyone could either come up with a cool thesis or know of any good examples of these characteristics in the book... I am really at a loss and any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance, Kate</p>

<p>I wrote a killer essay on this book for AP Lit last year. I forgot what it was about, and I actually have it with me here at Wake, but it's burried in one of my boxes. I think I wrote about the role of the mother as matriarch, duty to her, etc. I can't really remember.</p>

<p>How about comparing the hypocritical faith of Cora and Whitfield to Darl's faithful act of burning down Gillespie's barn? Look back over Darl's conversation with Vardaman just before the barn burning; if you're looking to dicuss religion and piety, you'll find interesting stuff there.</p>

<p>I just checked my last progress report (e-mail format) and I got a 98 on it. And my AP Lit teacher doesn't give 98s very easily, trust me. I think the matriarchical stuff might be good, with Cash building the coffin, and taking her on that journey to wherever she made her husband promise to bury her. I described her as a wheel, her being the center, and the rest of the family the axis or so.</p>