As of 2016 - How is the MT program now?

I’ve looked on this thread for any recent posts regarding the Univ of Arizona’s MT program, but couldn’t find anything. Would love to hear from students or parents who are familiar with the program. I imagine things would have dramatically improved since Danny Gurwin and Hank Stratton have been at the helm.

@DrowsyChaperone Did you find anything out regarding UA’s MT program? My D has an audition at the end of this month for MT and Acting…

I’m wondering too. My D has been accepted and I’m trying to find out any info I can.

My D decided to attend the University Of Arizona BFA MT program. After attending Unifieds, and being accepted at a couple of “prestigious” NY schools, she found U of A quite by accident. A happy accident indeed. It was only through a walk-in audition at the Los Angeles Unifieds that my D even discovered Arizona. Hank Stratton and Danny Gurwin showed great encouragement from the first moment of the audition process, and they - along with many other talented and notable professors - have continued their positivity through their creation of a magical program. My D has the same, or similar stories as most of the prospective students that I read about on this site: full resumes and loads of fine training. There are so many programs out there for all the hopefuls. I wish we had known about this exceptional program earlier (my D actually committed elsewhere first - so some hassle there). We saw our first production over the recent Parents Weekend and it exceeded expectations. The acting, music, talent, directing, theater, etc. was all wonderful. My husband and I were delighted at how many people in the crowd were season ticket holders from the Tucson area, and who have followed their favorite student actors through their years at UofA. Although the Freshman Class participates behind the scenes on the first semester main productions, my D and her classmates are engaged and challenged by their experiences. And they create their own show in December! These professors have created a cohesive class group who bolster each other, and who are excited to learn their craft. As a parent, I want to encourage all of you to investigate this program. Being in the community of young performers, I have heard a great deal of stories from students in various BFA MT programs. What is striking about Arizona, is that these professors seem to consider each student and help them grow their unique talent. This in contrast to what I have heard about many programs churning out carbon copy type performers. We went in not knowing if this would be the right fit - and are over-the-moon about how genuinely wonderful the U of A is… This may just be working up to being the program to beat! Again, check out this program, Danny Gurwin, Hank Stratton,!

My daughter is in that show. Glad you liked it !

Who is your daughter!? We thought the talent was first rate!

She was in the ensemble.

The program is amazing! Incredibly actor focused and such a supportive faculty. It is a non cut program once you are accepted (with academic and demeanor exceptions). The dance training and acting training are very personalized and expansive covering a range of techniques/styles. A great community and pragmatic instruction.

@JaneDo @desrtrat I wanted to see how your kids are still doing at UA. My D got waitlisted last night and she is so excited.We will be making a trip out to Tuscon in April. Looks like we can see the Pajama Game Production which will be a bonus. We are from the midwest so don’t know a lot about the school/program. My D loves Danny Gurwin and Hank Stratton! Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

@MI3rdClosingAct I just saw this… Congrats on the waitlist! My D is thriving at U of A - she is happy, busy, and challenged. A huge plus is that the program does a great job of integrating MT and Acting. The students are remarkable: Hank and Danny put together a diverse, smart, and talented class. I’m glad you are able to get to campus to see the show. We are going too! My D is in the ensemble. Wishing you and your D the best I your journey!

Hi I’m gonna to be a senior next year I’m really interested in this program and was looking for any current information anyone might have. Any insight on the programs curriculum and performance opportunities. Also wondering how often the school brings in industry professional to work with students?