as of July 1st, Democrat will charge for online access

<p>So I got an email that, the Tallahassee Democrat site will start to be a paid only site starting tomorrow. That is interesting. I already shot them an email.</p>

<p>And red light cameras become active tomorrow as well. There are 2 now and 4 to come in the next few weeks. Those close to campus will be at Tennessee and Monroe, Tennessee and Ocala, Appalachee and Magnolia. Others are Tennesee and Capital Circle and Tennessee Appalachee and Capital Circle. Best to stop for 3 second before the white line before turning right on red, and don't run the yellow light. $158 a pop if the camera catches you.</p>

<p>Well they did it. It is $10 a month or $2 for a one 24 hr access. And my email came back undeliverable and I can't send them something online unless I pay......</p>