As per requests- Here's an actual results thread for my brother and I.

<p>My brother is one year older than myself, and he is currently a freshman at Princeton University. Here are his stats... He attended the same fairly highly acclaimed NJ high school as I did.</p>

<p>Freshman GPA: 2.98 (He used to be really lazy)
Sophomore GPA: 3.89
Junior GPA: 3.92
Senior GPA (1st Sem): 3.88</p>

<p>Sports: Varsity Soccer (10-12), Varsity Tennis (9-12).</p>

<p>SAT: 2400 (800 M/800 W/800 CR)
ACT: 36 Composite (36 E/36 R/36 S/35 M/12 W)
SAT 2's: 800 U.S. History, 760 Math 2, 780 Chemistry</p>

<p>EC's: Student government vice president (11) and president (12), VP of Debate (11,12), VP of Mock Trial (11,12), Robotics Team.</p>

<p>Awards: AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Scholar Finalist.</p>

<p>AP's (6): AP Euro (4), AP U.S. (5), AP Lit (5), AP Chem (5), AP Psych (5), AP Art History (5) </p>

<p>Community Service: 250 hours, worked at an orginization helping underprivileged children.</p>

<p>Applied To...
Harvard University: Rejected
Princeton University: Accepted
Cornell University: Waitlisted
University of Chicago: Waitlisted
WUSTL: Waitlisted
UC Berkeley: Accepted
UCLA: Accepted
USC: Accepted
U Mich: Waitlisted
Carnegie Mellon U: Accepted
NYU: Accepted
U Rochester: Accepted</p>

<h2>Brandeis: Accepted</h2>

<p>And here's me... I applied to 13 colleges this year (none early action or admission, long story), and was just wondering if anybody could take the time to chance me please? I am currently attending a that same selective private high school in NJ with good but not crazy college admissions. I'm white, and my family is fairly well off, though we're not millionaires. And I'm describing my situation the best I can. Thanks. </p>

<p>GPA's (Unweighted)
Freshman GPA: 3.51
Sophomore GPA: 3.75
Junior Year GPA: 3.84
Senior Year (1st Sem) GPA: 3.81
2nd Sem (Interim) GPA: 3.78</p>

<p>EC's: Tennis (Varsity, Junior and Senior Yr.) (JV Freshman and Sophomore Yr)
Juggling Club (F)
Newspaper (F)
Ethics Bowl (S, J, Se)
AIDS Awareness (S, J, Se)
Stock Market Club (S, J, Se)
Mock Trial (J, Se)</p>

<p>Community Service: Worked for 150 hrs at a local organization, had a room named after me, and did a lot of work there with children. </p>

<p>Work Experience: Teach tennis at a local facility, since I turned of legal age.</p>

<p>SAT's: 2300- (800 Writing/800 Math/700 CR)
SAT II: 780 Chemistry, 800 U.S. History</p>

<p>ACT: (34 Composite) 30 Reading, 36 Math, 36 English, 34 Science, 10 Writing.</p>

<p>I've taken mostly honors and AP classes, and very few regular ones. </p>

<p>AP's: European History (5), U.S. History (4), Chemistry (4), AB Calculus (4).
Taking AP Art History, AP French, and AP BC Calculus this year.</p>

F: Science, French, Math
So: French, Math, AP History
J: French, AP Math, AP History, AP Science
S: AP French, AP Math, AP History (not taking a Science)</p>

<p>My school doesn't rank, but if I had to guess, I'd say between 10th and 15th percentile.</p>

<p>Schools Applying to:
University of Chicago: Accepted
Washington University in St. Louis: Waitlisted
Northwestern University
Cornell University
Carnegie Mellon University
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: Accepted
Wake Forest University
New York University
Brandeis University
Boston College
Tulane University
University of Rochester
Vassar College</p>

<p>If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I just wanted to post one of these and I hope this helps...</p>

<p>NWU: High match
Cornell: High match
CMU: Match
Wake Forest: Low match
NYU: Match
Brandeis: Low match
BC: Match
Tulane: Low match
U Rochester: Safety
Vassar: Reach</p>