Ashcroft Resigns

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<p>I think this is a highly important issue. AG Ashcroft resigns, who will take over?</p>

<p>Does that letter say "Dear The President?" That's pretty impersonal. I would expect something like "Dear Georgie" or "Dear W," or at least "Dear Mr. President."</p>

<p>this isn't really new...Fox announced this like the day after Bush was re elected.</p>

<p>Rehnquist isn't coming back to work, and Powell is also resigning, I think, but I don't know when.</p>

<p>what makes me sad is Rumsfeld leaving some time during the next four years.</p>

<p>Babybird: the Ashcroft resignation was just speculation then, it is now truth.</p>

<p>Justice Rehnquist will most likely retire, and he will probably be replaced by a centre-right justice. Not too right, though, because some of the moderates may be turned off if the nominee goes * too * far to the right.</p>

<p>I think Condi might take over Mr. Powell's position.</p>

<p>Thomas or Scalia will be promoted to Chief Justice.</p>

<p>I think Bush will keep Condi as a replacement if Cheney gets too sick.</p>

<p>I don't think so. They can always appoint a new Secretary of State, anyway. I think Condoleeza Rice will go to the Secretary of State position.</p>

<p>As for Chief Justice, I hope the Hon. Justice Rehnquist doesn't pass away or retire. I admire his conservative ideologies that have been presented time and time again throughout all of his cases.</p>

<p>And besides, it's a mild form of thyroid cancer.</p>

<p>No way. He's not coming back to's not that mild at all. They downplayed it before the election but now they can say it. He's really sick.</p>

<p>I don't think so. I think he's still capable of making accurate rulings, and thus, can perform his duty as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.</p>

<p>Will they force him to retire, is another subject at hand though.</p>

<p>And I highly doubt the possibility of Scalia becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But I'm not throwing it out, entirely.</p>

<p>Scalia '05 -- Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court</p>

<p>I thought there was a rumor about Giuliana perhaps taking over for Ashcroft.</p>

<p>That is a rumor, and one I hope will be totally true.</p>

<p>Giuliani as Attorney General would be sick, and would save the guy from deciding not to run for Prez 08.</p>