Asian Male-Preference?

<p>Does Richmond give some sort of admission preference for an asian male born in the US? Statistically, my son may be on the bubble because he does not test that well, but his academic record, recs, ECs, etc will be strong</p>

<p>When my older son considered applying to an ivy, we were told that he would have been disadvantaged because of the extremely high representation of asians at the school already (20+%). He ulitmately only applied to and is attending Wesleyan which is extremely diverse. Richmond appears to have a proportionately low asian population (or much other racial diversity, for that matter).</p>

<p>The lack of racial diversity does not concern fact, he has commented that he wants to go to a college with "less asians" because he has had to work so hard to keep up with his very studious asian classmates in high school! somewhat disappointing to hear as a parent, but very self aware on his part!</p>

<p>We are also considering Wake and William and Mary too.</p>

<p>Thanks for any insight.</p>

<p>Given UR's desire to increase the racial diversity on campus, I don't think it could possibly hurt. The fact that he is a male helps as much as him being Asian, as UR has a smaller pool of male students to pull from and strives to maintain something close to a 50/50 balance, so the admisssions rate for males is higher than females. This is a national trend as well.</p>