!!!***asian Male Seeking Good College****!!!!

<p>Cumulative weighted GPA of 3.9 (my school weighted gpas is out of 4.0, you can't get higher).
� School does not rank, but I'm in the 1st decile out of 325 kids.</p>


<p>• National Merit Scholarship Program Semi-Finalist, 2005
• National Honor Society (11th grade)
• National French Honor Society (10th grade)
• Rank 7, National French Contest (11th grade)
• United States Achievement Academy All-American Scholar Awards, 2003 & 2004
• United States Achievement Academy National Mathematics Scholar Awards, 2003 & 2004
• Silver medal, Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair, 2003
• Long Island String Festival Association(LISFA) Certificate, 2002
• All-County SCMEA (Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association) Festival, 2003
• Half Hollow Hills Scholar Athlete Award (11th grade)
• Huntington Hospital Junior Volunteer Award (11th grade)</p>


<p>• SAT: 1560
Verbal…………………760 Math…………………...800</p>

<p>• SAT II:
Biology ………………..800 Math IIC……………….790
Math IC………………..790 Writing…........................760</p>

<p>• Advanced Placement Scores:
Calculus BC……………...5<br>
European History………...5<br>
US History………………..5<br>
English Lang/Comp……....4 </p>

<p>• Advanced Placement Courses I’m Currently Taking:
Physics B English Literature
French Language Macro/Microeconomics
Computer Science A Statistics</p>

Science Honors Program (SHP)
Coursework, 2003-present<br>
• Experiments in Atomic & Nuclear Physics, Fall, 2004
• The Psychology of Memory, Spring, 2004
• Experiments in Genetics & Molecular Bacteriology, Fall, 2003</p>

<p>MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY, East Lansing, Michigan
High School Honors Science Program (HSHSP)
Scientific research, summer 2004
• Did research in genetics
• Wrote a research paper (Title: The Role of Canine homolog (4p15.1-q12) and the p16 Loci on Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma)</p>

The Ross Mathematics Program
Coursework & seminars, summer 2003
• Studied Number Theory
• Wrote a research paper on The Law of Quadratic Reciprocity</p>

<p>BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY, Spearfish, South Dakota
The MathPath 2002 Program
Coursework & seminars, summer 2002
• Studied pure math</p>

<p>JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Baltimore, Maryland
Center for Talented Youth Program
Coursework, summer 2001
• Crafting the Essay</p>

<p>COLD SPRING HARBOR LABORATORY, Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Dolan DNA Learning Center
Workshops and Seminars, 2001 - present
• The Genomic Biology & PCR Workshop, summer 2003
• DNA Science Workshop, summer 2002
• Saturday DNA, 2001-present</p>

Coursework, fall 2003
• MA23 Statistics I (Grade: A)</p>

Coursework, 1998-2003
• Studied the Chinese language - 2 hours per week
• Studied the Chinese culture - 1 hour per week</p>

<p>Independent Study in Latin, 2002-2003</p>


<p>School-Related Activities
• School Orchestra (9-11)
• Varsity Swimming (10-12)
• Junior Varsity Lacrosse (9)
• National Honor Society(11-12)
• National French Honor Society (10-12)
• Mathletes (9-12)
• Key Club (9-12)
• Internet Club - Vice pres.(9-12)
• Science Explorers (9-10)
• Academic Team / Long Island Challengers (11-12)
• Fed Challenge (12)
• Computer Club (12)
• Literary Magazine – Pegasus(9-10)
• Asian-American Club / Society of Asian-American Students (9-12)
• Free the Children (11)</p>

<p>Community-Related Activities
• Huntington Hospital Junior Volunteer Program - 150+ hours(10-12) - 2 hours per week
• Long Island Youth Orchestra (10) - 4 hours per week
• Long Island Gemini Youth Orchestra (9) - 3 hours per week
• National Student Leadership Conference on Mastering Leadership, Washington, D.C., winter 2003
• The Blue Hen Lacrosse Camp, University of Delaware, summer 2002</p>

<p>O yea, I'm asian. And male.</p>

<p>Well, there ya go. I had another thread, but that kinda died, since I posted it at like 1 o'clock.
What're my chances at Upenn, Columbia, JHU, MIT, Cornell, and <em>gasp</em> Princeton?</p>

UPenn - 40%
Princeton - 5%
MIT - 30%</p>

Columbia - 60% (only b/c you have SHP)
JHU - 60%
Cornell - 60%</p>

<p>You need some safeties.</p>

<p>ummmm more like</p>

<p>cornell, JHU u are in
upenn and columbia like VERY good chance at getting in
MIT and princeton toss up but u are competitive 50% like everyone else. but u are very involved and so so ur essays are what will make u or break u</p>

<p>u have great stats good luck</p>

<p>Thanks man, you too. These forums are kinda weird, 'cause ppl have such differing views of chances getting into colleges.</p>

<p>i agree with shrek. mit and princeton you have as good a chance as anyone</p>

<p>Those are some very solid, respectable, and altogether awesome stats.</p>

<p>agreed your stats and EC's are great and should give u a pretty good chance at penn, columbia, jhu, cornell</p>

<p>MIT, princeton are a toss up as everyone else said</p>

<p>bumpity bump bump</p>