Ask a Current Greek Freshman Anything :)

<p>Just like the topic says- I'm a greek freshman living in new/north let me know if you have any questions</p>

<p>hey everyone just bumping this thread so people know theres current student whose happy to answer questions</p>

<p>Do you know anything about the rush process in the spring? I’m a spring admit and don’t know much about Greek life</p>

<p>Hey - I’m an incoming freshman and interested in joining greek life. I was wondering how difficult is it to join/get a bid? I heard for girls rush isn’t free, where do I register and pay? And I’ve read somewhere that in order to get into one of the “better” houses you need a letter of recommendation from someone who was in that house? What if I don’t have any Greek connections… does that mean I’ll automatically be out?</p>

<p>Hi! ok one very impt question: will I be outcasted in USC if I don’t join the greek system? Cos I don’t think I can afford all those fees and stuff :x</p>

<p>Ok, so I’m not a HUGE partier, but I am fairly sociable. HOWEVER I’m international and has never in my life been to the US before, so I’m afraid that it will be difficult for me to blend in…so will it be even worse for me if I did not join greek?</p>

<p>This thread is months old and has no replies by the original person. Plus what do freshmen know? :P</p>

<p>Anyways, I can answer your question. No you will not be an outcast if you don’t join the greek system. The majority of people at USC are not greek. How can they all be “outcasts”? Just make friends, join clubs and activities, meet people and have a good time. Stop stressing out so much about it.</p>

<p>Haha okok thx for the reassuring reply, I will stop stressing now =) I was really excited and nervous about the prospect of going into a totally new environment, but I’m think I should be able to do fine. Thx! =D</p>



<p>Can someone make a large banner that reads “YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE GREEK TO BE SOCIAL AND HAVE A LOT OF FRIENDS AT USC” and post it at all freshman events?</p>

<p>I’m also a current Greek freshman. I don’t know much about recruitment for guys, though. I’m pretty sure that at USC, any girl who attends every party including preference is guaranteed a bid to join a house. That being said, some houses are very selective and must cut a large number of girls every day. Recs are helpful but are not a guarantee–I was cut the first day from many houses to which I had recs. </p>

<p>You definitely don’t have to go Greek, and I know plenty of people who are perfectly happy not having joined a fraternity or sorority. I’m personally incredibly happy that I joined my sorority, so it was the right decision for me.</p>

<p>yes, it’s true, you definitely don’t have to go greek to be social.</p>

<p>BUT if you are even somewhat interested I highly encourage you to rush (I can only speak for sororities). I can’t imagine not being in my sorority/having all the girls who are now my best friends in my life. Truly a great experience!!</p>