Ask a current SC student anything...

<p>Shoot! Insight from someone who knows the in and outs of SC...</p>

<p>how much are the football season passes and when can the upcoming freshman buy them?</p>

<p>The student season ticket (6 home games) is $145. The USC ticket office sends an email to new students in about mid-June with a PIN insturucting them how to log in and purchase the season ticket. Last year we had no trouble getting one.</p>

<p>do you know what happens if you apply late for housing? I'm a spring admit but I think I was supposed to apply for housing by may 1</p>

<p>Spring admits can't apply until July I believe. I learned that the hard way.</p>

<p>i was wondering if anyone knew how low can your grades drop before you get rescinded?
i heard you usually need to maintain your average, which mine was a 3.8
i will be getting 3 Bs, possibly a 4th, but no C's which will bring my gpa to a 3.4 or even 3.2 with the fourth B</p>

<p>will i still be okay even if my gpa for second semester will drop drastically?</p>

<p>xboredguy: I can't speak for the University on that one, but I've yet to hear of anyone getting rescinded... I'm guessing your grades would have to drop significantly, but I'm not sure. I would say try your best to keep them up (obviously), but not to panic if you can't.</p>

<p>I just found out I got accepted for the fall through appeal and am worried about my housing situation because it is first come first serve. Anyone have experience or know anyone who does with applying for housing as an appealer? Thanks.</p>

<p>Now that most of us has finished making deposits, housing plans and orietation, I was wondering if there was anything else we should be doing. Should we start applying for stafford loans, private loans now or should we wait until orientation to deal with financial aid? And is there any additional paperwork that should be filled out while we are waiting for high school to end?</p>

Check out the Facebook group.....USC Class of 2013. Sign up. There seem to be students still looking for roommates. There are some upperclassmen/women who have given their opinions on the dorms.
You might be fortunate and find someone who registered early and is still looking for a compatible person.
Good luck. Best wishes on your admittance.</p>

<p>I will be attending USC in the fall and I've heard great things about the USC network. However, I don't want to live in California after I graduate. I want to live in New York or maybe Washington, D.C., definitely somewhere further east. Is the USC network good for everywhere or just LA and the rest of California? Thanks!</p>

<p>jdub: as people find out whether or not they are compatible with their roomtes, many of them may be applying for reassignment, so all hope is not lost as far as getting into the dorm of your choice... housing is guaranteed your freshman year, so they will find room for you in one of the on-campus dorms.... as for other options if you are not happy with your housing assignment, i would look into housing on the row... they're completely renovating a number of houses on the row and are looking for people to live in them. These aren't greek houses, but are located on the row (best of both worlds?)</p>

<p>ladybug1013: The Trojan Family literally stretches around the entire world! check out the alumni web site for more info about specific cities</p>

<p>I just recently found out that I have the choice of attending USC for Fall or stick with Spring... I was considering Spring because it would be cheaper but I dont know. Does a lot happen in first semester that would make it difficult to catch up if you came in during spring?</p>

<p>lazpotatohead01: COME IN THE FALL! that's my opinion at least. if you come in the spring, there wont necessarily be a lot to "catch up" on... but coming in the fall will give you a chance to knock out a bunch of your GEs andddd be around for football season. I'd say its a no brainer...</p>

<p>good point, but I was planning on taking GEs at a CC... I have a question, if you took GEs at a CC for fall and enter as spring, does the GPA roll over or do you start on a blank slate. This sounds retarded but I was thinking if the GPA did roll over, it would be better to do really well in CC and start out with a high GPA</p>

<p>lazpotatohead01: Good question... from what I've heard from friends who transferred in from other colleges, GPA doesn't transfer. You would just get unit credit and possibly credit for specific GEs. This is something you would probably want to ask an official adviser, just to be sure, though. Also, if you are looking to knock out GEs, make sure they apply to USC GE program. They are very particular about course-for-course credit, so definitely check the articulation agreements listed online.</p>

<p>Class of 2012 here.</p>

<p>lazpotatohead01 —
Trust me. Just do it, mmkay?</p>

<p>Also, USC is really, really, picky about GEs and other classes they will accept as transfer credits. IIRC, the GPA at the other college is not counted in USC's GPA, be it for extra classes taken over the summer or for a full-on transfer.</p>

<p>What are the dorms at Radisson like? I would want to room there if I get in next year. I heard its only for over-spill, but if you put that as your first choice, would you get it? Also, know where to find pictures of the rooms? They don't have any floorplan or anything on the USC site.</p>

<p>Ego: The dorms at the Radi are pretty much what you would expect: standard hotel room, except with dorm-esque furniture. Pros: maid service every once in a while, close to McKays and the Lab (you can use discresh there). Cons: far from everything and secluded from the rest of campus, even if it is just across the street.</p>

<p>Not sure if the housing assignments there work any differently. I'd say if it's honestly your first choice, you might as well list it as so.</p>

<p>If I remember correctly, there were pictures and floorplans in the housing application booklet. Regardless, there should be a virtual tour available on the USC Housing Web site. (Housing</a> Options) If not, I'd contact them to see if you could get pictures.</p>

<p>So, we found out our room assignments about a month ago and I was put in Parkside International Residential College. It sounds pretty good, but I've heard some not great things about it. I've heard that it was far from everything, kind of boring, filled with kids from all years (even grad school), and that you could be in a suite with kids that aren't even freshman. Is any of this true? And is this a good dorm, like one that we're lucky to be in, or one we should just get through the year being in so that we can hopefully do better next time?</p>