Ask a Current Student

<p>Hi everyone! I just wanted to create a thread to give space for anyone who wanted to ask me a question. I am a current student at Champlain, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have about the school, being a student, or anything else you might want to know in relation to Champlain or Burlington.</p>

<p>hows the parties at Champlain? and how are the girls at Champlain as well? just wondering since it is famous for a gaming school and i just dont want to only game</p>

<p>What are the best things about Champlain? Are there any things that you don’t like?
It is my son’s first choice school (he is a junior) and we are hoping to do a campus tour in April. Thanks!</p>

<p>The best things about Champlain, well it is hard to choose. I very much love my major of marketing, which is good thing in my mind. I also like that Champlain is located in Burlington. It is quite the college town with fun places to hangout, wander, and all things of the sort. It is actually hard for me to find something I don’t like. But if I had to say one thing, it would be that I am so far away from home. I live just outside NYC, and I miss home. But it is nice being in Vermont.</p>

<p>That is great that you guys want to visit! I am a student ambassador, so there is a chance we might meet in April when you come for your tour.</p>

<p>Thanks for the swift response! My son is hoping to study 3D Animation and is very excited about seeing Burlington which does indeed look like a great place. We live in Maine so would have quite a journey too, but sometimes these things are worth the distance!
Is there plenty of good housing and can you stay on campus all 4 years?</p>

<p>Sounds like it. Yes, there is good housing, and we are currently in the process of building new residence halls to try and guarantee housing all four years.</p>

<p>Hi Valcon422, sorry I didn’t see you question sooner. Champlain has a policy of a dry campus which means we do not have parties in the sense you are guessing. And seeing as I am a girl, I would say they are good. I am not a gamer, and my friends and I still find things to do on the weekends. So I hope that answers your questions.</p>