Ask a freshman anything

<p>I think Cornell's grading system is fair, for what it's worth. The only thing "unfair" is that some majors are easier than others so comparing GPAs between majors is not necessarily fair. For example, on average I would say in general most engineeers scoring the mean at in the B-range are working harder/learning more than ILR majors getting A's in most of their classes. Not all disciplines are equally intellectually challenging.</p>

<p>The B- to A equivalence hurts Mikey...
Let's see them engineers with their fancy "math" learnin' read as much as ILRies have to do</p>

<p>They're fair within classes. However, between classes is quite different as Mikey said. Anything sciencey/quantitative tends to be quite a bit more harsh (significantly) in terms of workload and grading with the exception of freshman writing seminars and particular classes here and there.</p>

<p>Lmao ithacakid you can't be serious about ILR to engineering. Anyone can read and memorize information, not everyone can do engineering work. In fact I'd go as far to say that there is rampant grade inflation in the contract colleges (for generally easier majors) compared to schools like CAS and ENG.</p>

<p>The math comment was a joke, as I'd assumed you could pick up by my diction. If you couldn't pick up that "fancy 'math' learnin'" was facetious, than maybe my point was more true than I thought.</p>

<p>Well someone's jelly.</p>

<p>I can testify that engineering is tough because there are lots of bright kids. </p>

<p>My D with 156 IQ (with high school 4.75 weighted GPA (4.0 unweighted), ranked 1/435) and never got B's in her life prior to Cornell (even PE) got B's in her first semester in Cornell.</p>

<p>Yes I would still pick Cornell. I've had a wonderful time here so far. I would not have picked a different university-I applied ED and it's been a great ride since. There are State Contract colleges, I don't know if you can apply through that website-just do Cornell's common app supplement through the common app. There is an advantage for instate residents.</p>

<p>Absolutely would pick Cornell again - luv it. But Cornell[troll]Hoping2016, you're soo transparent. Sorry you didn't get in</p>

<p>^once again, same troll as before (CornellHoping)</p>

<p>Architecture students, do you get free time? Are happy with the course or do you regret taking it?</p>

<p>^ would like to know too</p>

<p>Is it easy to double major at Cornell?</p>

<p>I believe so. Difficult for ILRies (because we'd have to meet the degree reqs of another college) but I know one girl that's doing so. It seems easy enough in A&S.</p>

<p>Double majoring is very easy, and fairly common in A&S.</p>

<p>It's not "easy" in A & S if you don't plan for it b/c you have to meet so many distribution requirements first. Also, if you want to write an honors thesis, etc. that will take some time away from a double major in the end. It also depends on what you choose to double major in b/c some majors have more requirements than others. Some are definitely pretty easy to double in though because of this.</p>