Ask a freshman anything

<p>I'm a freshman here and I'm bored and don't want to do my homework so ask anything you want. If you ask me to chance you, you'll be rejected.</p>

<p>Chance me. Also, what do you think is the best on-campus dining hall and off campus place (for delivery)?</p>

<p>What, in your mind, was best able to get you in?</p>

<p>@Colene; On-campus? I haven't eaten in the west campus houses, but RPCC beats out Appel and Oakenshields in terms of places that take meal swipes. If you're using BRBs, I like Bear Necessities grease food.
Off-campus-I like Wings over Ithaca and DP Dough.
@MtBozeman-I applied instate to a contract college after getting an A in a course taken through Cornell University Summer College. I asked my TA from that class for a req letter-I don't know if it was actually written, but if it was I'd expect that to have helped. My SATs were good and high school grades acceptable considering curriculum and state residency.</p>

<p>What is a typical week like (i.e. what is there fun to do on weeknights/weekends with not many exams)?</p>

<p>How's the food?</p>

<p>How's the workload (I guess it differs a lot though)?</p>

<p>What's your favorite part of attending Cornell?</p>

<p>How are the dorm bathrooms?
Is there any privacy?</p>

<p>@LolCowz-Active fraternity party scene thursday-saturday with some other occasional events. A typical week (before pledging) is MTW-go to class, do work after. RF-Go to class, do work, party. S-Sleep in, party, U-sleep in, do work.
Food is alright, I eat it well enough.
Workload really varies course by course, even within the same major/program.
The social scene. </p>

<p>@GraceTone-I'm in a suite with 6 other guys with a communal bathroom, never problems except showering can get hectic depending on schedules.
Privacy-I'm in a triple that turned into a double, I don't know how to interpret your question. We don't go through each others' stuff, and there are plenty of times that it's just one person in the room.</p>

<p>Really, RPCC above oakenshields and appel?... gotta disagree with you there.</p>

<p>Definitely over Appel. As for Oakenshields-I dislike the lack of trays. It's really inconvenient to have to cram all your food into a plate that you need to carry one-handed to hold a cup. Also it's always really crowded when I've gone so that is a factor. They have had good food there but it's so inconvenient for me to eat there that I rank it below purcell. Appel...just straight up worse food than RPCC. Worse burgers/hotdogs, worse general selection, no brunch specials....
I feel very strongly about the inferiority of appel but I understand the appeal of oakenshields.</p>

<p>how much does the weather suck?</p>

<p>Not at all. We've had an insanely mild winter. Hardly any snow this year. I wore shorts all last week.</p>

<p>In your opinion and observations what students seem to be the happiest in their major?</p>

<p>I go to a small liberal arts college in New England and am considering transferring. How do you feel about the large size? My school has less than 2000 students and, while it doesn't bother me, I don't know how I'd react to a school as large as Cornell. Do you like having large classes? Are there discussion-based seminar courses? Do your professors know your names? Any answers or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!</p>

<p>"I feel very strongly about the inferiority of appel but I understand the appeal of oakenshields."
"I wore shorts all last week. "</p>

<p>That does it you are crazy, especially with that last statement. While it wasn't bitter cold, it was still pretty darn cold. Also, appel is in no way worse than RPCC.</p>

<p>@Iride-I really couldn't say. Not engineers or architects but beyond that IDK.
@Dedede-I don't mind the size. Professors know me in my smaller classes but this semester I'm in mostly large lectures. I don't mind that, I liked my smaller classes last semester but I'm alright now. There are discussion based seminar courses. The size means that you'll be able to find anything that you want here if you seek it out.
@colene-take your appel tomfoolery and inability to enjoy warm weather elsewhere. It was not cold last week. This week is worse for sure, but still a pleasant winter.</p>

<p>Oakenshields is generally considered one of the worst dining halls, although it has good days sometimes. West campus can be hit-or-miss, just like anything else, but I've eaten there quite a lot and it's in general far better than anything on North quality-wise (less selection though because the halls are small).</p>

<p>Like I said, I haven't tried the west housing dining halls. I won't be on CU's meal plan next year anyway so it's not a worry for me. Best meals I've had have been in fraternities.</p>

<p>I plan to apply to the AAP college for fine arts. How much freedom would I have in taking classes in different colleges?</p>

<p>As much freedom as your curriculum requirements allow you. The university lets you sign up for any class that you're allowed to take (some are restricted to students in that major) but you may need to devote almost all of your schedule to your major.</p>

<p>Cornell's Grading System: Fair, Unfair, Needs Improvement, and/or Not Good At All?</p>