Ask About Loomis

How would you describe the culture at Loomis?

Are most of the kids highly sports/athletics focused?

Also does the campus feel like it clears out on weekends given the 30% day population?

@decision2021 , pointing out that the % day students has far less to do with a campus clearing out (at some schools, day students come to campus on weekends!) than the culture of the boarding population around this. There are schools with very high boarding population where everyone leaves for the weekend.

I’ll let a current student respond re: weekends.

I would say that Loomis’s student body is fairly laid-back and down-to-earth. Faculty and the students are really supportive, so it’s easy to feel comfortable and at ease here. Academically, the classes are collaborative, energetic, and mostly rigorous (especially English and History). We are also competitive in several sports, and with Kent Days making a return, the school spirits will be pretty high once we have spectator-allowed games again.

Being a relatively large school (~700 kids), Loomis has a lot of people with different interests and none of them really dominate the social scene. There are definitely people who are more athletics focused, but there are also the theater enthusiasts and history buffs.

For the last question, definitely not. The boarding population is still pretty big (700*.7), and there are a lot of student activities so people don’t just stay in their rooms. Day students come to campus on the weekends too for sports/student activities.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Hi so I just found this thread, I’ll be attending Loomis this fall! So I wanted to ask for any tips n tricks, or anything I should know about that’s interesting. No specific questions, just wanted to find some cool facts out!

Congrats on getting into Loomis!
Uhmm…burgers at the grill are overpriced but they are actually good? Thai restaurant right outside of campus is a premier culinary destination. Chess has taken over campus if you want to perfect your skills. Maybe don’t sign up for the laundry service—they consistently lose clothes. Also, Loomis is restarting our rivalry against Kent, and hopefully Kent days will happen next year.


I’d also like to hear more about the culture and academics at Loomis. Is the vibe very preppy or would a mildly quirky, cerebral kid not from NE fit in?

Ooh that’s so cool! I heard Kent days were fun. What do you mean not to sign up for laundry service? Is there a way to do it otherwise? Thanks so much!

Compared to other schools, I hear from other threads it is much more casual while still being rigorous. I definitely felt it was very welcoming and warm when I went for a tour!


Laundry service is an option that costs about $3000 a year. A lot of freshmen sign up for it when they first arrive on campus, but choose to do it on their own late on, as it is much more convenient to have access to your favorite T-shirt at any time.

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Ok thank you! I’m a boarder but my parents live 40 mins away, so I should be able to just do laundry on my own. It’ll save my parents some money too . Thanks for the info!

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Can anyone speak to sports that are not offered on campus (crew & fencing for example)? DS discussed getting a waiver for his sport and it seemed like it was no problem and quite commonplace but wanted to hear from current students as well.

Actually laundry machine is going to be free next year :slight_smile: stuco got the approval to change it from a card operated one to free