Ask an Engineering Student Anything

<p>Hello my name is Jonathan at UCSB
I am currently a 1st year Computer Engineer at UCSB
I am a Latino. I live in the Santa Catalina Dorms.
You can ask me about anything =)</p>

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>my son got accepted as undeclared letter of science this fall and would like to major in Computer Science. How hard to get prerequesite classes for CS and to get accepted
to CS major later? Thanks</p>

<p>yeah i was wondering the same thing as ^^. i want to change my major to mechanical engineering...</p>

<p>I'm a Statistical Science major trying to change major to Computer Science in College of Engineering. Will it be difficult to do so?</p>

<p>Are the test/quizzes/etc. graded on a curve?</p>

<p>Do you think you and your fellow engineering student colleagues get more work than the average political science student?</p>

<p>lol one week later no reply</p>

<p>just like your "chance me" threads</p>

<p>Changing into an Engr Major is not easy.
You need to take specific classes that you cant sign up for unless you petition (petitioning is simple enough). But the hard part is to get a good grades in all those courses. You need a high GPA in such courses and a decent overall UCSB GPA. Read here for more info about Electrical and Comp Engr: UCSB</a> / ECE Undergraduate Students
For info on other Engr majors, just google it.</p>

<p>For the ECE courses Ive taken in my second year, the specific test/quizzes are not curved. But the overall class grade usually is.</p>

<p>Personally, I feel like engineering majors do a lot more work than most generic L&S majors. I don't know about Poli Sci specifically, but I kinda scoff at those types of majors. But that's just because I'm bitter. The sentiment is the same around most engineering majors and professors that you can ask. My ECE2 professor last week said something along the lines of 'Why would you pay $100,000 to major in _____ ?' then he gave an example of how his parents are currently paying their daughters' mortgage; they chose that major-type route... Also commented about how relatively easy it was for him to payoff his loans compared to _____. Use you imagination to fill those blanks.</p>

<p>@keltix </p>

<p>so if im an incoming freshmen and i want to transfer from l &s to engineering what classes do u reccomend i sign up for at orientation?</p>

<p>I would look at the curriculum plan for whatever engineering major you want to transfer to. They have four year plans already set up. Just start taking the classes that are on that. I think for the first semester in Mechanical they have Calc, Chem 1A, Engr 3 and writing. So I would take those and and get good grades in them. I'm not sure, but certain engineering majors might be more impacted then others. My guess is that mechanical is the hardest to get into.</p>

<p>I'm a Statistical Science major trying to change major to Computer Science in College of Engineering. Will it be difficult to do so?</p>


<p>The curriculum plan for the 2009 class is here. My guess is it will be the same for next year because they just revamped it this year: <a href=""&gt;;/a>
p. 43-52</p>

<p>The good thing is most engineering majors need the same preparation for the fall:
CHEM 1A or 2A
WRIT 1E or 2E</p>

<p>Computer Sci/Engr people, you may need to take Comp Sci 8.</p>

<p>Since they choose your orientation group based on your major, I'm not sure how you would go about choosing an engr group if you are in Letters&Science.</p>


<p>The general consensus is that it is not easy. But it's doable.</p>