Ask anything about Taft!

Hi everyone, I’m a rising senior at the Taft School in Watertown! I came in my freshman year. Ask me any questions you may have about Taft or boarding school in general. I’m also in the college process, so I can speak on college counseling and where a lot of people go, if that would benefit you.
FYI: I also applied to Loomis, Choate and Cheshire

Hello! I am considering having my child apply to Taft next year for entry into 9th grade. We live in the area, and my son could be a boarding or a day student. How integrated are the day students with the boarding students? Do you know of students who technically could be day students but have chosen to board? Thanks!

Hi! I live about an hour away from the school and applied as a day student, but the school made me change to boarding before accepting me. Obviously, living in a dorm is a big part of bonding, but other than that, there are very little differences. Your son will make lots of friends in his classes, during orientation, and with teams or extracurricular groups. The main difference is really where you sleep at night. Day students can arrive as early as they want and only have to be out of the dorms at 8pm (they can stay in the library until 10). It may say something on the website about day students being able to eat dinner on campus, but they are more than welcome for breakfast as well (which starts at 7). Also, he would be assigned a dorm to keep his belongings in, and a lot of day students hang out in common rooms or in the rooms of boarder friends.
There are quite a few students who choose to board after a year or two of being day students, and the school will 100% let you. I also know a few people who started as boarders but only live 30-45 minutes away. I have really enjoyed being a boarder from Connecticut because I get to go home and see my family often. My parents definitely enjoy living close enough to watch all of my sports games as well.